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My name is Aubrey. I am a veteran who served my country faithfully.

After being honorably discharged, i decided to purchase a home using my VA loan for the first time. So, If your buying a lennar home, i'm writing my experience. I was always told that the underwriting process would be the most difficult step. But it was the process at lennar.

The sales rep (Ernest) made a lot of promises. $41k worth of incentives including level 2 tiles, Glass french doors, Refrigerator with a bottom drawer, etc.. etc.. Then we signed the contract and gave our down payment.

The first problem was when we went to design studios, they made us aware that those promises were not accurate.

We could not have those things because it was far beyond the incentive value. 90 percent of the promises from the door was voided. We debated with the sells rep, design studios, and the management, and decided that we just wanted to go foward with the process. They just was not honoring they promise due to the mis-calculation of the sales rep.

Shortly after, they decided, that they would give us a garage door opener with the refrigerator that we wanted. When that time came around, The sales manager (Jen) decided that the sales rep miscalculated on that as well, and told me she could not honor that promise. I then informed her we already signed a cvontract and that she had no choice but to honor it. She then told me that if i didnt sign a new contract that she would void the contract and refund my money for failure to comply.

After several letters written by both my realtor and myself, along with phone calls, they decided that they would honor the then active contract. Such a headache. Why threaten a veteran and make the process difficult. There are veterans with mental sickness that can be deeply affected by lennar tactics.

Current problem: Close to July 1st, and the house is 95% done.

I'm beyond excited. I get an email form the closing coordinator informing me that i will now be closing the end of August. I called her and asked if this was a mistake. She told me no, it's accurate.

I explained to her that i was told i was closing july 1st, and my lease on my apt is up july 31st. i have no where to stay until the end of august. She said that she was sorry and there is nothing she can do. I asked why was i told july 1st.

She said the sales dept are not authorized to give the buyers a closing date. I asked her how do you expect to sell homes you are building to anyone if you don't give them a closing date. What are they suppose to say? " Hey, we are building your home, but we don't know when it will be built".

Thats rediculous. She seemed cold and passive.

So in conclusion, I'm a Veteran using my VA loan, first time home buyer, Made several promises, Promises not honored, 4 months house being built, but given a headache the whole way, Threats, and finally home being pushed another 6 months to make it a total of 6 months for me to finally close. The worst experience in my life.

I will be contacting BBB, Department of Veterans Affair, Executive, and Management of Lennar. There has got to be some protection for home buyers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar Home Buying.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I'm glad I read your review along with 80+ others. I almost made the mistake of doing business with them


Homes sales people are like used car salespeople. Full of crap and will tell you anything to make a sale.

We live in an "equestrian" community and were promised stable facilities to keep horses. Not going to happen. The village stores never materialized and now they are saying they may never be built.

And the "community" park turns out to be an open county park with homeless and tweakers. Not what anyone was sold.

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