Picking the options for a new house is an stressful task, but it get worse with several vague and unclear options. Be prepared, you will face it when sitting with your consular and finalizing your options in two hours.

Today we had an awful experience at design studio in Houston. On top of above said, our design consular was the main reason. We found her very immature behavior, very far from what you may expect from a professional business person.

I am wondering how in the world Lennar let's their customers get the worst experience being treated disrespectfully by a pushy and unwilling person to help. My advise is make sure your design consular is not Lisa!

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Not taking sides here but you can't expect the builder's representative to help you choose your counters or cabinets or backsplashes or carpets or whatever other choices you have to make. If you don't know what you want, you need to bring a decorator with you.

People will ask the builders rep to help them choose, then when they don't like the way it looks later will demand that the builder make changes for free since their person suggested it. It's a slippery slope, but you have to understand both sides and all the things that buyers have tried to pull in the past.

Have your act together and know what you want before it is time to make final choices. If you can't figure it out, get help before the last minute.


lol, I think I dealt with the same Lisa last year. Annoying lady.


Same exactr issue in fresno! !

Not immature.

.. Just no knowledge/"decorating 'assistance