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My son purchased a new home from Cal-Atlantic.Lennar purchased the project. My son only purchased my home because of Cal-Atlantic people.On August 31, 2018. We had the walkthrough earlier that day between 2:00 - 3:00 PM.We found a lot of items unfinished. We are promised that everything would be finished by Lennar person (Steve) Everyone came to an agreement that everything would be completed by Tuesday.My son’s closing was scheduled at first at 5:00 PM then the title company called and rescheduled for 7:00 PM we waited 4 1/2 hours before closing took place at 11:30 PM. My son was promised again by Lennar person and at the closing that everything that we mentioned wrong would be fixed by Tuesday September 5th. We waited and contacted (Steve) on Wednesday and he said everything should be done by Friday, September 7th. Here are a list of items We found unfinished work. 1. The medicine cabinets were cut out and left empty.2. The garage texture unfinished, 3. The front door rubber uneven 4. Electrical outlet in that garage was missing. 5. Both bathrooms were missing the toilet tissue holder. 6. The back porch unfinished and has cracks. 7. More than 40 tiles were missing plaster.8. Master bedroom shower door missing rubber magnetic too close correctly. 9. The Outside gutters are missing from the front of the house 10.The grass that was placed around the house is uneven and has potholes. 11. The lights in the dining room trips when you turn the other lights on in the house.12. The light in the master bedroom didn't work.13. Toilet tissue holder were improperly installed.14. Over half of the electrical outer in the house were rattling and loose.15. Towel rack missing in the master bedroom. 16. The exterior paint sloppy. 17. The outside of the the house was not caulked. Holes by the air conditioner outlet. 18. The touch paint inside wasn't done or done sloppy.19. The threshold in garage unstable.

20. We drove to Ocoee from Miramar Florida twice in one week in to make sure the work was done.

21. We drove down today Friday September 8th from Miramar Florida again to move my son in his new house and it's still not ready.

22. The tiles are still not done

23. The lights are still not working still tripping.

24. Had to stop the delivery of my appliances and furniture. Getting charge a restocking fee.

25. I was supposed to be moved out of my former home by the first.

26. I lost my new tenent

27. I wished we never closed until the work was completely finished.

Very unhappy customers

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar Customer Care.

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