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Update by user Jun 07, 2013

Things got worst.

Here is an update:

Was told that was approved to buy a Lennar home. After looking at some model homes did a contract and put the downpayment for the house that liked.

Then later on was told that no longer qualify and things have changed. Not to mentioned that when received some paperwork in the mail the numbers on such were much higher than was been told.

Contacted the sales representative that dealt with when signed the contract on the house about this and was told that a cancellation agreement had to be done in order to get the downpayment back.

When received the cancellation and release agreement they are keeping $225.00 out of the downpayment. When I asked why was told this was an administrative fee.

To me now looks as an easy way for Lennar to make $225.00

It is not right since I had to cancel the agreement not by choice and it was their doing.

They should give me back the whole downpayment amount.

From this bad experience I will stay away from buying from Lennar when the right time comes to buy a house in the future.

I advise everyone to do the same and beware !

Original review posted by user May 26, 2013


Becareful with Lennar. They can be deceiving and they lie !!!

Went to look at their houses in some of their communities because was told upfront that qualify/was approved for a house until certain amount.

Because of that ended up looking at those houses that meet the amount. After choosing a house, picking up the colors of the house, cabinets, floors, etc..... Contract was done, signed and everything. Even the down payment was given in which check was cashed already. This house is one that is currently being built and has a finish scheduled date in August.

Today after meeting with a different loan officer that was assigned to was told that no longer qualify. From the time that originaly was told that was approved until today (5/26/13) nothing has changed in the credit report to reflect nothing negative, or anything else in general.

From the things that everything has happened, at the end looks to me that is something "personal" with the loan officer and he doesn't wants to do work or less work to make things happen.

As is logical only reason that went and looked at houses and all that was because was told that qualify to buy a home, otherwise why bother looking or anything.

I am hoping that this posting is read by a big boss in the company that can make things right.

Until then.......

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It's Lennar's fault that you don't qualify for the loan? Perhaps they should just give you the house for free, that's only fair...


The problem was with Lennar since they put me through and approved me via their own lender, a company they own themselves.

At the end the total price was still under the qualified amount so it wasn't about going over.

It was something that they lied and at the end this happened.

As of this time at the community was going to buy the house there are many finished and empty houses. After doing some research found out that they are doing the same thing to other people to be able to tell others that inquiry that most houses are sold when at the end they are not.

People are going elsewhere to look for houses.

Just wanted to give an update on this.

From my experience I will never deal with Lennar again or buy an older house that has been built by Lennar.


There are many things that would cause you to not qualify for a loan that you initially might have been told that you qualify for. Many factors involved, but if you were looking at a home at the very top of your pre-qual number, you might have exceeded it by then going and adding upgrades etc.

It's a thought. Or if you made a large purchase and then changed your debt to income ratio below a certain level.

Your problem seems to be with your lender not necessarily Lennar. They do have in-house lenders but you have to imagine and expect that they operate with some level of independance.


I accidentally clicked the "***" button, and I can't see any way to undo it. My apologies!

I have no idea one way or the other how legitimate this review is. Please do not count my inadvertent input against it!


Wow. Thank you so much for the feedback.

I now know not to trust Lennar Homes employees and representatives. I had sent an email with questions regarding their homes, but didn't receive a response. I even tried the chat online feature, yet no response.

I won't wait. I will just scratch Lennar Homes off the list.

I appreciate the feedback and I am so sorry others have had negative experiences.

@house shopping

Whao, I'm reading this now I feel, that I'm not alone. Looks like all this reviews exactly what happen to me.

Lennar lies all the time. I'm in the process of buying still( because its being going on 4 month now, switching me from one home to another, one that was not completely build to the one that build and should close quickly. First they promise me 0% money down, which now they told me that I'm not qualify, so need some money down.

Now I withdrawal my retirement early, got some money from family to get into conventional loan, but they pushing me to 3.5% down.So much lies, just don't want to repeat everybody. So stressed.