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AC was down first year summer which was only about 4 months after purchase. then down again at 2nd year summer which was about 16 months after purchase, and they said only 1 year warranty!!!

And now the roof is leaking quite a bit at about 17 months after purchase and they said NO WARRANTY any more...

Many other issues too: one of the room is super cold in winter and this room is facing south side with a lot of sunshine, and not on the garage. The hard wood floor is making a lot of noise and I even find a nail pop up!! Can you imagin if i did not find the nail, what will happen to my kids baare foot in house? not to say other issues such as window, grading, etc ... ...

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Contractors don't manufacture the products located in the house, they just provide the products/materials. Not sure how you are blaming your builder for an A/C that has problems.

This would be on the manufacturer of your A/C and roof, not the builder; Lennar in this case. I would find out the manufacturer of your A/C and/or roof, find out what the warranty is, the go after them.


I purchased a Lennar townhome and while trying to sell the property an inspection revealed several local building code violations.

During the first several months of ownership I discovered an electrical outlet that did not work. Lennar sent an electricitian to investigate and repair,the electrian told me that this could have been a fire hazard.

PLEASE beware and have your Lennar home inspected by a professional prior to purchase, because apparently the Lennar inspectors are not checking anything not to mention the local county inspectors


From my experience as a builder, most 'inspection violations' are a result of a code change. The code is typically correct at the time the home was completed, but incorrect after a code change post construction.

Also, there are hundreds of trades and thousands of man-hours in each home. One outlet not working is not a sign of incompetence, it is a simple mistake.

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