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My husband and I had the displeasure of building a home with Lennar a little over three years ago. Going through that process, and living in that house for the past three years has been far from what we had hoped for our first home-owning experience, and I can only hope it is not the standard.

During the buying and building process, it became apparent that there is high turnover with Lennar.

It’s often difficult to get answers to your questions, especially if you attempt to reach the office, and not someone at the model home. Getting the contact information necessary to escalate issues is near impossible.

Our home was completed over two months later than expected.

The stairs were not stained to match our floors well. We had to have that corrected.

A cracked window was installed that we had to have replaced.

Our garage door did not work from day one.

There was a massive scratch on our hardwood floor.

They installed the wrong size shower door.

Two of our recessed lights were installed incorrectly and did not work.

I found molded boards in our attic.

The metal shield that goes over the pipes coming out from the HVAC unit on the outside of the house was never installed. Those same pipes were never caulked.

Lennar installed window screens on all of the windows, despite the HOA's rules against having screens on the front of the home. Residents were then flagged by the HOA for Lennar's negligence.

They installed our sod in the heat of summer, and promised to install new sod if it didn’t take. When it didn’t take, we had to fight and fight some more in order for them to fulfill their promise. We fought so long, in fact, that it ended up being installed in the summer again. Again, it did not take well.

After moving in, construction crews continued to use our outdoor water and electricity while building other homes, after telling them to stop. To this day, three years later, construction crews have backed into our yard leaving tire marks and killing the grass that we have worked so hard to grow. They have also left black tire marks on our driveway. They consistently leave trash strewed across the neighborhood. Despite contacting Lennar about these issues, none of them were resolved.

There were supposed to be two small windows installed in our master bedroom. One of the small windows was never cut out and finished on the inside, but you could clearly see the window (and the labels on it and the drywall behind it) on the outside of our home.

Because of these reasons, and more, I do not recommend giving Lennar any of your time or energy. Find a more reliable builder!

I will say that Lennar has resolved most of the issues above, however, this was not without us practically harassing them until they did. Please also note that some of these things could be caused by the negligence of the companies they hire to do specific work.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I heard horrible things a out Lennar.. ty I will be looking for a different builder