Livingston, New Jersey

i live in a beautiful gated golf course community in williamsburg virginia. i purchases my home from lennar and financed it through their finance company.

from th e beginning i was overcharged for my home but i had no where to go. since 2006 i have had floods, i replaced all appliances that never worked,

i have replaced toilets, my master bath have been ripped out nad replaced. the electrical wiring was revamp. i still can't run two toilets in my home. in november of 2007 thanksgiving eve my family and i had to flee my home because of a gas leak. i was physically abused by a contractor who took 7,000 dollars from me and did not finish work on my home

(the case went to court) I am broke and mentally destroyed. i rented an apartment at 622.00 a month for almost two years. i recently purchased a condo in january 2008. i have an e-mail from lennar promising to fix my suv where the garage door came down and damaged it lennar fixed the door please somebody out there help me please

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Bill K

I am so sorry that you have experienced this…


I have created a website to help spread the word regarding Lennar Homeowners experiences.

Please visit my website and send me your story:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead


I understand what you are going through. I purchased a home from Lennar almost 6 years ago and we still have a boarded up front door. We are stuck with $100k in construction defects. To make my story even worse is the fact that I worked for Lennar. Contact me with your story and I will post it on my website that I am currently putting together. Be careful with "their help". We spent 5 years in litigation and all that happened was more expert costs, lawyer costs, to the point that we received nothing for our construction defects.

I want to hear your story. We all need to hear these stories in hope to make it right.

Contact me at: (under construction)

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead


To be honest all lennar homes are ***.

I moved away from Florida afterwards currently in New York. The drywall caused a big leakage from the botton 1st floor you could see. It was at a diameter of 6 feet. The bath tub never really got dirty upstairs and somehow overtime the water spilled managed to penetrate through. 1 toilet Got clogged up badly and even after a month repair it was screwed.

I don't blame the house properties for going down. It has affected us badly us being the 1st people to buy one of the first households we suffered the most. Property at 400k declined to 150k. Lots of our neighbors left and many houses left for rent. Even further decreasing our property they had also put up more properties. They are shitholes.


Sounds like you're is on the sauce!!


youre a retard

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