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I was about to sign a contract with Lennar in purchasing a new home. Then friends told me "no" and should go to talk to her friend who had just bought Lennar home.

Interesting that the two house located on the same street! He just moved in six months ago and his new house has cracked tile floor and garage! He told me poor workmanship, bad warranty, and bad experiences till closing and if he could have return the house he would. "Run away" is what he told me.

The new house has nothing in comparison to his old house and everyone on that street felt the same with Lennar. House delivered with shady work, dirts and paints around. Walk through and closing on the same day, meaning nothing has been fixed. The house just look attractive outside with all the upgraded and everything included program but not its stability and quality.

He has numerous issues with his house and nothing has been fixed till this date. Yet he is the handyman himself so he ended up fixing most on his own! He thought this would be his last home as he is old but it turned out to be so tormented.

My own experience, the sale consultant wants me to put down my earnest right the day I saw the house and sign the electronic contract immediately the next day (even it's on Sunday).

It is kind of a fast sell and I had to go with Lennar preferred lender not any other. If I go with other lender the price of home will increase by 10,000$ This is the first time buying a home with different pricing depending on using UAMC loan or not. I wanted to go to my lawyer before signing the contract but that wouldn't be possible as the sale consultant said either in or out as other people were waiting on the same home!

I decided to listen and appreciate all sharing experiences here. I quit the deal as it seems I would have to be in their own Lennar game without my choice for anything right from the start!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar Home Buying.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If you lay down an isolation membrane down prior to installing said tile you will not have tile breaking. With the exception of actual breaking or damaging the tile.I was a Lennar employee until I purchased a Lennar home.

Let’s just say corruption, deception, and errogance makes it a crap shoot for a home buyer. I’ve seen where Lennar goes out of their way trying to make it right. Unfortunately that wasn’t us. We have a house that has well over $100k in defects including no front door (boarded up).

What people need to know is that when things like this go south you have little recourse. And as far as any government agency....

good luck with that. Lennar is corrupt and seems to have the government in their pockets.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1254902

Cracked tile and cracked concrete is the authors idea of poor workmanship? These are 2 of the most common items in every home simply because they can't be prevented. Being ignorant on construction is no reason to bad mouth a builder.

to Anonymous Temple, Texas, United States #1267910

Lennar+UAMC does these same tactics where I am. Scare tactics that is.

"No reason" to spend your hard earned dollars on their incompetent construction either. Remember, it's your money.

Not theirs. Take back control of your life and money and simply RUN!

to Anonymous #1417884

You are kidding, right? Sounds like You are the one ignorant on construction methods.

Homes, especially NEW homes should not have cracked tile and cracked concrete. I've owned 5 homes and NEVER had cracked tiles or concrete.

Cracked tiles means there is a lot of movement in the home, which should not be the case. Sounds like you work for Lennar.

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