Mechanicsville, Virginia

We bought a place in virginia . Like the design .

But wokmanship is poor, maybe they aren't using good quality workman

I have one big complaint . Customer service is not good . They don't care overall. The other thing is that my master bathroom shower base and floor underneath was not constructed properly.

My shower base sank twice because they laid it only on the wood floor. My master bathroom has a concrete layer across almost all of it except they did not put it under my shower base. They had to come twice to fix the shower base moving up and down. They are almost finished and they did not redo the floor underneath the shower base the way the rest of the floor in the bathroom is.

My neighbors unit is concreted from what I can tell you what he told me underneath his shower base. The units they were still building are concreted all the way across the master bathroom floor I went and looked those are done right. The contact rep dealing in customer service told me they change the design after mine but I know that false . They started the bathroom toward the end of my warranty after the base was moving up and down for the second time it is almost finished and my warranty will be over by that time.

They were not willing to fix it a 100% correct. They leveled the floor underneath the shower base with some thin layer of cement stuff. After removing the base the wood appeared it had been wet at times not much maybe. If the base moves again ...

i will fix it my self. They do not care. We are in Goose Creek . They still haven't finished my driveway.

But that is there problem. Everyone else's is done. They said they left flyers to let us know, mine must have blown away. They said they would do it.

Im waiting. ...

I will give them this, the company they used to do my drywall repairs because of settling , they were good at what they did. I happy with that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar Customer Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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