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If you are not a white male, doing business with Lennar could be a difficult and painful experience for you! The sheer amount of abuse I had to take from Lennar and their staff while working for them is something I have never experienced in all my years doing business.

Profanity in emails, using the f-word, pulling my crew off jobs after asking them to pay their outstanding invoices. The list is endless. It clearly shows the mentality of the staff that filters down from the upper management. It's obviously the corporate culture.

Rip off who you can and save a few dollars. I can tell you why your house if falling apart. Lennar refuses to pay the people who are building your home. I am a minority owned business that worked for Lennar for almost 3 years.

Over the course of the time I worked for Lennar I could not get Lennar to pay their invoices on time. The Warranty Manager had an issue with my minority status and refused to pay my invoices while his "buddies" were paid on time. And well heck, they still refuse to pay their balance with my company. Rip off and *** artists.

At the end of my relationship with Lennar they owed my company over $100,000. After several months of negotiating and they agreed to pay a fraction of the amount they owed my company. Lennar drafted an agreement to wire transfer the money at a dollar value mutually agreed to into my account. When it came time to do the transfer they said the accounting office was closed, then the accounting department manager was unavailable, this went on for a few weeks.

Months have passed and they have never paid the money they agreed to pay. EVER! Now they want to pay me just a few thousand dollars of what they had originally agreed to pay my company. If that wasn't enough, they want me to sign an agreement releasing my rights to collect the outstanding balance - for a few thousand dollars.

As a result of Lennar's deceit and dishonesty my company went out of business. I am sure they are laughing all the way to the bank. Meanwhile, I lost my house and my family and I have suffered greatly. Interestingly, they never paid their bills in general but especially around the Christmas holiday and my family went without a Christmas every year we did business with Lennar.

While working for Lennar I have seen them take advantage of homeowner after homeowner. They seem to especially prey on women. Refusing to do warranty work, blaming them for the damaged home (like they built the house). One homeowner (a single Mother) was so tired of the harassment she sold her house after a few months and moved to a different state.

I don't blame her, her house was sinking! Lennar knowingly passed the damaged home to another unsuspecting home buyer. If you want to spend $400,000 on a home to be abused and mistreated by your home builder this is the place to go. I suggest purchasing from a reputable home builder that won't take advantage of you or your family.

Find a home builder that stands on integrity. You won't find it at Lennar.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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It's not just women and minorities. Lennar's customer service guys have no skills with customer service period.

Our guy was completely patronizing and condescending as my husband did a walk through after our move in. He kept rolling his eyes and making snotty remarks.

Then we noticed that he wrote insulting comments about us in the work orders! (You can see them online once completed.) Disgusting attitude towards customers.


Sexism is definitely a problem. The customer care rep has been abusive and condescending to me (a woman) but acts like a saint when he talks to the men in our community.

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