Goose Creek, South Carolina

Went to put contract on home pulled us around shoing us home updates on home getting congratulation emails on purchasing the home, but what they left out was where we qualified. NO the lan people where awfull no communication, could never get them to call back, the sales associate at the homes was not honest about the home, told as about all l the up grades they put, we paid for them.No choices on floor or cabinets come to find out it was a inventory home.

Charged a lot charge. The view from back was a side view of a large home and in front the view was more homes.

Small lots, I have never been so upset the dealing with these people. I should be glad I guess it did not go through reading some of these others post

Reason of review: Mortage Co, cust service.

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Sounds like you had the opportunity to see the home before you closed. If it was such a bad lot with high lot premium why did you buy it!?


Well - they just bought WCI Communities and I didn't know there was a company that could be more shady than them : I feel your pain. This is only 0.00000001% of it.