Raleigh, North Carolina
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I bought my Lennar home 8 years ago. At first I loved the house but one by one the appliances starting breaking.

First the dishwasher, then Microwave, Refrigerator, Oven and finally the spring on the Garage Door. I thought Lennar was the builder that sold more for less. I believed the hype but found out its just a bait and switch. Caveat emptor.

Don't buy Lennar!!!!!!! They won't even call me back to address the issues and this has been ongoing for years.

Since I need to add extra words I might as well complain how they put inferior grass in my lot. It's supposed to be Bermuda but it's full of weeds and I have tried everything!!!

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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Lennar does give you more for less they give us more work for less pay and back charge us for the stuipid things such as a water bottle left on the job they make it really hard to make money always cutting the price of work so my boss turns around and passes that cost on to us I really wish people wouldn't buy theit homes


Yes dont buy their homes so you dont have work at all... That makes sense ! lol


Your 8 year old dishwasher broke! My heavens!


You sound like a whiner. Appliances are not under Lennar's warranty and after 8 years you probably can expect wear and tear.

Same with your grass.

If you don't *** and feed it, expect weeds travelling from air-borne seeds. Sheesh.