Reno, Nevada
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- Kitchen and bathroom fixtures plastic and seem fragile.

- Valves under sinks and toilets absolutely the lowest quality I have seen in my life.

- Fascia warped in a couple area. Gaps at seems. Lennar blames the sun.

- OSB (under eaves) badly splintered. Lennar admits at least one OSB sheet should not have been used. Unwilling to to action to repair.

- 100% 2x4sunder eaves have noticeable gaps with OSB. Numerous gaps exceed 3/8". OSB and Fascia large gaps in many areas. Lennar says every house is like this and it is acceptable.

- Roof shingles blown loose and or ripped from roof. Took weeks to get initial repair. Same issue within 4-6 weeks weeks in exactly same area. 3+ weeks later no repair. Lennar admits roofer is totally unresponsive.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Lennar use the worst frame company in Reno