Williamsburg, Virginia
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leaking garage door header due to no flashing or cap. Lennar rep. came out and said header needed capping. He called later and said his boss declined to make repair as house is out of warranty. House is 31/2 yrs old. Defiencies in construction such as this don,t show the first 12 months which is their so-called warranty. All their construction in Williamsburg va is performed by illiterate non English speaking Hispanics. I wonder how many are here illegally taking jobs away from Americans costing us in unemployment and health care costs. They are probably hired for minimum wage but premium prices are charged by Lennar.

... Trim has pulled away from header. Inadequate construction by illiterate non English speaking Hispanics. House is 31/2 yrs old, Colonial Heritage, Williamsburg, Va.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar House Construction.

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Not all hispanics are illiterate. Many are well educated and speak multiple languages.

You'd never guess though, because we don't "look Hispanic." Therefore, you only notice the ones that are obviously Hispanic and working manual labor jobs.

Educate yourself. Sorry about your house situation.


You should really be upset that your home inspector didn't catch that and report it to you while you were under warranty. But let me guess....

you didn't hire one. Why should you when you can just blame the Mexican laborers for your problems? News flash...

American construction workers make mistakes too, and you made a mistake when you skipped the inspection to save a few bucks. Better luck next time!!