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I was pre-qualified with Lennar home builder in Feb 2013, we were waiting for the home we wanted to become available and released. We went to several releases.

The builder drug out the releases with only 4 houses at each release. All the while Lennar raised the prices on each home at every release. 4 months later they had the home for us by the time our release came around the price rose $30,000 and interest rates increased. Not one person, including the Loan Officer contacted us to re-qualify us on the new purchas price and interest rate.

I am in the industry and did it myself and knew what the numbers would be. However, normal homebuyers are not educated on this. Lennar will bring you in have you sign a contract take your deposit and then dissapoint you sadly and let you know you no longer qualify. They issued the release email to let us know the lot we wanted would be available to reserve, this email did not get sent out till Thursday evening after 6:00 pm and where to figure out the financials by ourselves, prior to choosing the home we wanted on Saturday????

I spoke to the Loan Officer on Friday and she very frankly told me that she didn't know if she could give me a call back that day and did not bother to ask if I needed help with re-qualifying for Saturdays release, which was happening the next day. I then emailed the Loan Officer and asked her for a statement that would show the new cash to close, and new payment detail for the increased purchase price and interest rate. Again, I was told she could not do it that day. No other comment.

Total lack of care and concern. I assume that's because if you won't buy it at the higher sales price someone else will (Said directly from a sales agent at the Lennar builder office at Rosena Ranch.)

We had the extra money to put down and qualify. However, if you can't get anyone to help you or care to, what happens when you have a problem with the home???? Also, they will tell you up front that they'll pay closing costs, BEWARE they'll reduce that, all the while they'll continue to raise the price of the home that you are waiting to buy and they'll drag their feet on releasing it to make more money!!!!

This is not a professional or reputable builer, Lennar also does the financing for the mortgage, can't imagine what that hassle would be like.

I am very familiar with the process of home loans, I have been doing this for over 15 years.

Having said that I am speaking from educated experience. DO NOT BUY A HOME FROM LENNAR!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar Customer Care.

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Wow thank you for this information. I prequalified with a direct lender.

And they want me to cross qualify with their lender. I feel that is illegal.

They want everyone to go through they're mortgage lender. If you have the loan to buy why do we need to cross qualify


I'm sure you were pissed, I just purchased my home there. I missed a release after being on top of the list.

However I wasn't just ready to purchase I got to the bottom of the list one month before I had to file my taxes to get approval. Either way I picked a house, they did all the paperwork and got me approved 2 days after submitting all the info to the loan officer. In your case the building process was probably slow because that's when the housing market was starting to rise. No way would they want to sell all the homes that fast when everyone knew the market was going up.

I mean you know you have 15 years expirience would you release homes quick? They went under when they started in 2006 when the market tanked, right now they're releasing 8 homes every release and also give a $5000 discount on closing, its all in writing so why would you say they reduced the discount, and if they did that legally maybe because you didn't understand them correctly. If you were barely getting approved and had the money they would of been aware of additional funds available because you have to show all your bank statements for approval, and if it was close they would of thought it through. At least that's what they did with me.

I'm in escrow they are building the home and I've had no issues. The loan officer, the loan processor and sales agent contact me asap now that I'm a serious customer and everything is picked up. Yeah at first if you come in asking detailed questions that are irrelevant to a purchaser before they've even got approved they're not going to make you a priority. that's like some customers at my business hang out and ask a million questions when they don't have a pot to *** in, then I have 20 real customers waiting, that's not productive.

At first I was asking a million questions and they were patient with me, but I even realized hey wait until you pick your house out then work out all the details. to bad you didn't get a home there I love the community and can't wait until the home is done.