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I am not some disgruntled homeowner with a vendetta.. My wife and I have bought both a Lennar home in Spring, TX and a Village Builders home in Sugarland..

The Lennar home had one problem after another with walls cracking, the home flooding because of plumbing leaks, tiles falling off shower walls, and more... Everything FINALLY got taken care of. It was our first home and Lennar told us we were experiencing new home "growing pains".. Well, we had an inspection on the home and the inspector was "appalled" at the lack of quality of lumber, boards not meeting in the attic, rotted lumber and more.

At that point, we had enough and decided to sell it and give Lennar one more shot in their what they called "Lexus of Toyota" Village Builders product.. Boy were we scammed.. More of the same shoddy workmanship using very poor materials.. We had doors that weren't even.

They installed hardwoods that have started popping up.. Huge water leaks down the wall of my son's room and they "can't see a problem", the tile in the kitchen was laid unevenly so there are 2 spots where you can literally cut your toe because of the corners. The metal strip (flashing?) above garage door fully rusted with rust lines running down the wall in a 5 month old home? The lights inadvertently shut off.

That was finally fixed.. The carpet was laid where nails actually stick up through carpet in master.. We had to put a rug over it so that we didnt cut our feet (again) coming off of family room.. We had THIS home inspected by a very reputable inspection company and were baffled again.

This company sure likes to tell you how big they are and how many homes they sell, but I compare it to McDonalds.. They sell alot of *** too. It doesn't make them better. We will never buy from this company again..

.And thank goodness we didn't get screwed with the unhealthy Chinese drywall, Lennar chose in quality too. You can put icing on *** and call it a cake, but it's still ***..

Absolutely inexcusable..

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Lennar is horrible. Told my client that she HAD to use their lender (which is illegal).

When we did use the lender and he did not close her on time, they took away the incentives because she did not close (although we used their preferred lender). States on contract it is up to the seller discretion to extend the closing but they chose not to. So now my client has to come up with $10k extra that she does not have. The manager and sales person told her to put the extra $10k on top of loan amount.

My client did not agree.

Lennar is garbage and not professional. Will not ever deal or recommend their homes to a homeless person.


If you have any current issues with your home that you would like for us to review, please feel free to contact our Customer Care department at vbhoustoncustomercare@lennar.com. We will be happy to review any warrantable concerns that you have and make any necessary warrantable repairs.

Daris R. Horn

Director of Customer Care


I am looking at a Lennar home in Colorado Crossing and after reading these posts, plus watching Holmes on Homes on TV for the better part of a year I am reconsidering. The price is low, and I imagine there will be problems, based on the complaints here especially since the complaints sound so similar...and I can tell there are several people NOT AXE GRINDING...just trying to warn others.SAD. MONEY IS EVERYTHING for SOME...

@Catherine N

Catherine, RUN FROM LENNAR!!!!! This is the most unethical company on this earth!!

Fell for the BS and I'm in my 11th month of a brand new LENNAR DUMP home and still fighting with warranty department. Looks great from a distance, get up close and you would be appalled at the lack of simple carpentry or finish work knowledge. My Bay Colony home is still having warranty work done at their own pace, and my warranty rep actually asked me to accept some fabricated email, so he could get his bonus from Lennar. Once they have you locked in, you will see how quickly they turn from nice to *** Sucker!

The town of League City has passed the building inspection on these poorly constructed homes, and he's either too busy to look, or the town has told him to close his eyes to boost their tax revenues because some of the basic construction is bad. These people don't know how to install a simple door! Look at all the doors, the gap is huge on the one side and the trim isn't even cut at proper angles. Not to worry about bad trim cuts, their motto is, "Caulk and lots of Paint Hide a lot"!

The illegal's being used to build all of Lennar's Texas homes is so gross, that they even joke about one of them being found hiding in a closet while bringing a customer on a tour of one of these homes. Illegals are just laborers here, not craftsmen of a trade. They don't know building code, and they don't even use safety equipment most of the time. The concrete crews work most of the illegals at night so that no one will know, and to avoid immigration officers finding them.

They advertise all of this BS about quality, and yet every material used on these homes is the absolute cheapest low end quality. From the particle board cabinets that they tell you are an upgrade, to the peel and stick fake wood floors that they upcharge you for, as this is an upgrade as well. They use a 125 Amp electrical panel in every home regardless of size! Anywhere else in the country you would never find a 2-story home with a garage and an enormous AC unit, on anything less than 200Amps!

If you want a home that will stress you out as every week will bring you another item breaking, or cracking, or worse leaking, then Lennar is your GARBAGE BUILDER!

I am waiting 2-3 years and dumping this Money Pit, after all, they will only address the easiest items, and the rest will be blamed on you! Let Your conscience be your guide when you consider Village Builders & Lennar Homes!


I'm reading these complaints and I'm hearing the same thing that I'm going through. My townhouse is 10 years old but apparently the previous owners have had the same issues, Sheetrock cracking, doors not closing, plumbing problems and noises.

Lennar claims their is not a foundation issue, and that it is very common hear in Texas. BS!!! It's called cheap material and labor. Well, I guess you get what you pay for.

And then when it comes to dealing with the claims department that's a different story. Everyone puts on a good front but in reality nobody cares and Lennar only cares about is saving money. Oh Lennar will send contractors to come make repairs and the contractors don't show up. And mind you, you are told repairs are not done on the weekend so it means you have to take time off from work.

It's a bunch of bs!! That is why we opt.

To not buy ever again Lennar or Village builder ever. It's all the same cramp!!




I have created a website to help spread the word regarding Lennar Homeowners experiences.

Please visit my website and send me your story:



“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead


So I find it scary that folks are complaining that the company, or what could the be the company is trying to take care of this here. I am considering purchasing one of these homes, but after this site, I don't know.


Cheap is the name of the game, I hope people are reading these. I wish I did.

don't be fooled by the company folks posting acting like they are taking care of the customer. They will turn a deaf ear and weasel out of every thing they should correct, after all I tell people that it is a Lennar home so when they see the cheapness they know; Lennar did that.


Perhaps the problems with the second home was Karma- why would you sell a probematic home to someone else and then go buy yourself a brand new one? What goes around comes around!


I bought my house back in 2004 - which was built in 2001 in Woodbridge Subdivision by Lennar. My inspector found problem with the Air-conditioning Evaporator unit which was replaced by Lennar as it was not as per the code matching the compressor outside. They had a smaller unit in the attic! I called them and they came had inspected and agreed that it was not as per the code. The house has low quality stuff and even the doors are not even. I was ok with it as these were not a major concern for me albeit irritating. I had my parents in the master bedroom as they can’t climb stairs. Unfortunately, the water (especially flush/faucets) noises are unbearable in the Master Bedroom. Seems like the plumbing of the upstairs’ bathroom are not insulated at all and passes through the master bedroom side wall with tremendous noise enough to wake you up from deep sleep. We have made it sure that we do not go to that restroom during the night so that we do not wake up our parents downstairs for many years! What an inconvenience to go across to another restroom when you have little baby. I was not sure what to do for many years thinking it is normal to have that Water sound. Then few months back I have asked my neighbors with the same house and they said they are ok. Given the fact that Lennar has a history of poor inspections and cutting corners, I won’t surprised if they passed inspection without proper inspection.

I need to know from Lennar how the plumbing done on my house and want to look at the blue print. I can give them my address when contacted to locate the correct blueprint and remedy the problem. I can be reached at 281-840-7500.

My suggestion to any home buyer is to get a good inspector regardless of buying new or used homes. The builder will cut corners as they are in a hurry to hit their numbers.


M Karim



As you are aware, Lennar has an inspector from the ceramic tile installing company coming to your home tomorrow to inspect your concerns. We will get back with you after that inspection.

Daris Horn


We bought a 400K Village builders home recently and have had multiple issues with it. the latest is tile is not set correctly - no thin set below it.

their excuse is 20% of the tile can be void of thin set. What the ***.

We have 2 friends that are about to close with them that I am not recommending they do so.

Lennar *** is seeping into Village. Village was a good builder before Lennar bought them.


I understand what you are going through. I purchased a home from Lennar almost 6 years ago and we still have a boarded up front door. We are stuck with $100k in construction defects. To make my story even worse is the fact that I worked for Lennar. Contact me with your story and I will post it on my website that I am currently putting together. Be careful with "their help". We spent 5 years in litigation and all that happened was more expert costs, lawyer costs, to the point that we received nothing for our construction defects.

I want to hear your story. We all need to hear these stories in hope to make it right.

Contact me at: MyLennarLemon@gmail.com

MyLennarLemon.com (under construction)


If you will call me at 281-874-8430, I would like to discuss your issues with you.

Daris Horn

Regional Customer Care Manager


@Daris Horn

Hang it up Dais Horn...Lennar AND Village Builders both have sell inferior homes...garbage. I've also been warned by a very unhappy Lennar homeowner to run away from these 2 homebuilders. You can't sugar coat a bad problem to try and make it better.