Lock Haven, Pennsylvania
Not resolved

Every house roof from 301 to 329 Kentshire Dr. in Lancaster PA has different colored shingles mixed in.

I have requested in writing at least 8 times form explanation, of course I have not received a replay.

I was scheduled to have a conference call regarding the matter however when I expressed my desire to record the conversation...Lennar abruptly refused and directed me to put my concerns in email form. I have not received a response and have been ignored! That is just the roof. Every window in my house was incorrectly installed leading to rain penetrating the windows and entering the wall cavity destroying my drywall, hardwood floors, and carpet.

On four different occasions Lennar tried to repair the windows yet at least 2 continue to leak. Again I have been ignored.

I speak from experience...stay away from Lennar

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar House Construction.

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Central Valley California Lennar is horrible. Zero customer service.

30 day walk through occurred at 6 months.

They are a joke. Buy woodside homes or custom!


How about HVAC cooling coils that leak freon in less than two summers? Part is warranties by manufacturer but not the $1500 in labor??? Lennar Hanford California sucks.

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