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In November 2007 we purchased a home in an active adult community in Md. Within a month several thing started to fail on the house.

The first was the hard wired smoke detectors would not stop ringing. Since we had only been in the house a month the company that installed them was sent to correct the matter, they were wired wrong. Second the HVAC system overflow backed up into the laundry room. Again the company that installed the system was dispatched after much deliberation to reroute the lines.

There were several small items that needed addressing but we were advised to wait until the one year inspection to have all matters taken care of at one time. When the inspection took place some of these items were addressed but others were surfaced over. i.e. the mold around the front door which we were informed that with the addition of an outside glass door that the issue would cease, of course it has not.

The ceiling in the office had the heads of the nails showing in the ceiling, these were patched but are now back along with a leak from the upstairs bathroom. The upstairs bathroom toilet was so stained and rusted that I literally had to beg to have it replaced, the pipes that I pointed out that were making noises seem to be leaking. The master bedroom and bathroom are so cold and dusty in the winter but no one has an answer. Then there was the garage door that totally collapsed which we had to replace because we had been the house over a year.

But the real kicker was the electrical breakers, due to the fact that I just retired, I have been able to spend time in the house. I noticed that at times the power would surge and from time to time go out. I called the electric company would sent out a technician who applied a monitor for a week. After that week we were informed that there was no problem from the outside of the house and that the problem was inside the house.

Soon after that the power went down and we again called the electric company who at 10:30 pm dispatched a service truck who discovered that the problem was in the electrical breakers, the entire lower level of the house was on one breaker, ONE BREAKER, when we contacted Lennar the standard response was that the house was over ONE YEAR old.

When you make a purchase of the magnitude you expect more than a piece of junk. Do not believe Lennar when they say they make a reputable product they do not

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My wonderful Lennar home has so many flaws. Starting with the electrical system, the hard wired sprinkler system, the garage door collapsing the window leaking water causing a stain and crack on the ceiling, the master bedroom so cold in the winter and too warm in the summer, the upper level too hot in the summer,the paint chipping on the outside windows, the front door warping and now the SIDING HAS CRACKED AND IS BREAKING OFF. Of course Lennar takes no responsibility for any of these and the house is under five years old.




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I've been waiting 6 months for Lennar to fix a door frame in my master bath that was caused by a leak. They do not listen to you if your are polite and patient. The only time these guys show any interest in helping is if you get angry and threaten to take them to small claims.


Hello and please let me know if you can share any additional details such as your name and address and I would be happy to look into this situation for you. Please contact me at James.Perry@Lennar.com