Culpeper, Virginia

Walk-through before closing ended half-way through because sales rep and construction manager disappeared. That should have told me something, but I needed to move into the house asap.

It's been two years and two months. I have 2x4 wall studs that are bowing out and causing the siding to ripple and wave. A coil in my AC has already gone bad and I'm told that the ductwork was installed incorrectly. I've had two lawns and installed a sprinkler system before the first to ensure that it would get watered properly.

In neither case did they put down top soil; hence, no soil for the sod to grow into. Weeds love it though. So does the County who charged me over $500 per month when I was trying to establish it. They didn't make my utility room large enough to accommodate a side-by-side w/d, so they had to move the water heater into the garage, which actually turned my garage from a tight two-car into a one-car garage.

In creating the water closet, they also enclosed the spigot in the closet, making it difficult to access. I have a crack in my kitchen countertop. The ligth in my microwave that requires a tech to change out blew within six months of moving in. The AC is on a 30 amp in the breaker box, when the max called for is 25.

It's also mis-marked and is actually on the microwave/oven switch. The refrigerator hums continuously. The dishwasher is just a piece of ***. There's more.

I'm just exhausted thinking about it. I don't know where to start, but I don't think they should get away with the shoddy way they build homes. I think I need a structural engineer to assess the 2x4 situation, but don't know where to begin there either.

A know a lawyer will just cost me more money and I'm not sure they're much better than builders. Any advice out there?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar House Construction.

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Did you by any chance purchase a "2/10 Warranty"? And if you didn't, did the seller even mention that you could buy one through them or separate from them?