Atascocita, Texas

People's perception of what they hear and what is truly being said can distort facts. Having been a Realtor and buyers agent for 16 years as well as doing high volume business in Texas I find it very difficult to find a better home for my buyers in the Lennar price range.

They give them beautiful hardwood flooring, tile, granite, blinds garage door openers, stainless appliances, fireplaces, beautiful bathrooms, iron bannister railings, the best in cabinet finishes, hardware and lighting packages above the norm, sod in all areas, brick and stone elevations, alarm systems. Guess what my client doesn't put up 50% in advance for selecting these types of options. Their HERS energy rating is excellent and they are always exceeding what the building codes requirements. Yes you do have to close on time.

High volume business requires timing. From sales, to mortgage, to title everyone works together to make your home a reality. In 16 years I have not seen a person not excited to move into their home and never heard of a complaint not addressed. Witness their popularity.

When I go to closing I know the prospective home owners will be stacked out the door. Quality? Have an outside inspector. The results in my many transactions with Lennar have all been minor and they handled them before closing.

It is simply the best package for your client and when everything is included it keeps the neighborhood uniform and attractive. We all can have something not go our way but never seen Lennar not address it. Unless you are in the business you really do not know how one budget stacks up against another.

One thing for sure it will take only a small earnest money deposit to purchase my client a home with all the bells and whistles. No where else can that happen!

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Do you work for Lennar?

I read all the complaints about Lennar upfront before we purchased. I'm trying to remain positive going into our closing even after the awful experience with UAMC.

Why if you google any Builder does Lennar have the most complaints?


Always gonna be a Lennar employee defending their company. What a losing battle.

You are just 1 positive review among 150+ negative ones. The facts are clear and your "satisfied" customers have spoken!!! I too bought a Lennar home. The shoddy workmanship and run around UAMC gave me are truly deplorable.

It's sales at its finest - talking up energy efficiency and quality materials, but living in a Lennar home I've experienced the truth. Time to put your money where your mouth is.


I live in a Lennar home that was new and it is a nightmare!!! The lack of skills the construction workers have is one factor but first and foremost is the greed that Lennar has!!

This is our home our life and a dream to be able to own a new home and have it fall apart do to walls crooked floors high and low nail pops gutters not draining windows that are hard to raise stairs that are poorly put together my doors wont stay open cabinets chipping tile that is so low grade that it is uneven. No sound barrier not to even go there with the financing part uamc!! Multiple other issues, We didn't get our HOA packet until the day of closing and when I did our walk through I told them I was not happy with the house that was a cancelation and we got it because the one we picked was delayed!!!! We were told take it or loose a $9.000 dollar deposit not!!

How were we held hostage by this company is truly a nightmare. Unskilled workers uncaring greedy business..

I have chest pain daily due to the fact I couldn't give this away with the problems going on stuck in a nightmare in Apopka Florida!!!!! Run, away from lennar!