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Lennar is building in my Tapestry neighborhood in Las Vegas. They are the new "overseers" here.

However, Lennar doesn't seem to work with Tapestry HOA, or vice versa, as Tapestry HOA is not doing its job in keeping the community clean and safe. The long-term, ongoing HOA infractions at 9005 In Vogue are an example of this. Does Lennar care? Does Tapestry HOA care?

Can anything be done? As far as I know there is no communication between these two entities, however, as a long-term resident the filth of 9005 In Vogue impacts children and grandchildren playing outside around this garbage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Harassing All Owners= HOA

Honestly neighbors that are so concerned about people's garbage cans, people's cars, or front yards, need to focus less attention to others and more towards themselves. Consider a better use for your time, perhaps you need to lose 20 lbs, or catch up with this centuries hair styles, maybe your mustache could use a wax.

God forbid the HOA should get a picture of you, after you roll out of bed, toss on a robe, and get the mail.

Perhaps your neighbor feels your not visually pleasing, or easy on the eyes, and your bring the value of their home down, with your appearance.

Rude huh? Actually it is no more ignorant than this complaint.

It is just as understandable and accurate as the allegation that the pictures here are anymore of a problem than an unattractive nieghbor.

It is getting to the point someone can spend over $300k on a house, and actually have less say about your home than some bitter, old, neighborhood nazi committee. Well if that's the way you guys want to live, where we tell on each other posting pictures and acting like little bratty school kids, then I suggest u look your best every time u step out your front door, because revenge is a dish best served cold.

If you seriously want to act like this, move into a retirement community, where everyone is already like that. Otherwise, grow up, your too old to be a snot, and life is too short to intentionally spread negativity.

@Common Sense

HOAs have rules to keep the values of properties from falling. The pictures look ridiculous.

I've lived in 4 communities with an HOA and am always amazed at the folks who don't want to follow the rules.

My question is... Why did you purchase in a neighborhood with an HOA if you don't like it?


I would not want to live anywhere where people can tell me what i can do, or have on my property. if the people living next door want to pay my bills and taxes then sure, by all means tell me, but if not *** seriously...keep your kids and grandkids out of other peoples yard and they wont be hurt or bothered by 2 vehicles parked in their own driveway.


While you are entitled to your opinion that doesn't make your opinion the law. This complainant did or does live in an HOA area and obviously so does the offender.

So he/she has a legitimate gripe since they are paying fees. You don't and won't live in an HOA.

So what, who cares what your personal opinion is? Meanwhile this person is paying fees with no recourse.