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2010 I began experiencing weird rashes on my skin that usually only occurred when I was in my home and would go away when I left. I sought medical attention, Dermatologist, allergist etc.

Only diagnosis was contact dermatitis ( allergic skin reaction to something probably air born). we began searching in our home for a source and spent a great deal of money repeatedly cleaning the a/c system, ducts and air handler. relief would only last a couple of days then return to the same allergic reactions. This escalated until Mothers day 2012 woke up with hives everywhere eyes, mouth lips etc.

pretty scary. had to go to the walk in clinic and received shots and meds and put on allegra, zytrec and benadryl 24 hours a day. My blood work showed a high white blood cell count and high mold allergen. we continued trying to figure out the source when one day I leaned up against a pillar outside the front entrance of our home and broke out with hives everywhere.

The pillar was opened up and we found black mold wood rot and a horrific smell that then went through our entire home. We contacted our insurance and Lennar for help and direction. Lennar at first sent 2 contractors out who agrredd a roof defect had been sending water in to the pillar and a closet wall where the pillar joined the home probably since the day the home was built.

Long story short home is unlivable and Lennar does not answer emails phne calls et.

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I am so sorry that you have experienced this.


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