Charlotte, North Carolina

Too much to say but the short of it is they talk of core principles yet don't seem to do anything to improve upon them or customer satisfaction. I'm amazed that by spending a little extra effort and cost upfront would save them money on the backside not to mention help the customer satisfaction level.

I won't buy another Lennar home at this point.

I will list a few items found "glued and screwed subfloor", no screws, install trim with chunks out of it, bad drywall job, my stairs sound like they are in a house of 60yrs old, not 6 months. There are plenty of other items, many I have just fixed because I didn't want to miss work waiting for someone to maybe show up.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I too would never Recommend a Lennar home. I consider myself lucky they showed their true colors early on.

I fired Lennar. I lost my down payment which in the scheme of things was much better then continuing on and ending up completely unhappy if they every got around to building the house. We moved on to another company who has proven they can be trusted and working hard to keep their customer updated and informed.

Actually as I look at what we are having built now we are getting more house, better quality from everything I read, and a builder who is working hard to earn and keep our trust.

On top of that it was basically the same price.

Firing Lennar was the right thing to do.

Our financial situation is one where losing the down payment was not a killer but there are many people especially those just starting out that this would be a killer and could be stuck with no way out once they start with Lennar.

I would recommend to anyone considering building a house to RUN away from Lennar as fast as you can.

@Fired lennar

Agreed. RUN!

Don't waste another millisecond with this company. Your heart will be healthy if you stay away.

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