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My husband and I was pre approved for a loan with lennar UMAC. Contract signed and everything was oaky according to Arturo Pena and Carlos De Guzman.

However 15 days later we receive an email, not a phone call to say, My husband credit score went down. Mind you the same activity on the prior score was the same for the current score. Now they are forcing us to release the contract and they will return our deposit. Lennar representatives are either not knowledgable of their job or love giving false hopes.

In addition, this also happen to the prior buyer of the same home that we were in the process of purchasing.

Stop with the games ARTURO PENA and CARLOS DE GUZMAN. Please understand that I am upset and will continue blogging and letting people know how Lennar operates.

Monetary Loss: $259.

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I had Lennar Homes steal my $20k earnest money when they are the ones that did not perform on the loan. They are criminal and they are loars, so beware anyone out there that is going to purchase a Lennar Home!

Kisha Spellman


Arturo Pena is A compulsive liar and has kept my $5000 deposit.


Lennar's Adonia Aurora Audrey sales person referred buyer to use Lennars In-House lender and Lennar's lender pre-qualified buyer and told the buyers 2 weeks later he didn't qualify due to a tax write off loophole buyers had on 2012 taxes. Buyer went to outside lender and was qualified for a loan with 2012 tax loophole only to be told 30 days later Fannie Mae requires 6 months reserves when purchasing and keeping his home as a rental.

If Lennar's In-house lender would have told the buyer upfront about 6 month reserve requirement buyer wouldn't have agreed to write the contract. Now Lennar is

blaming the outside lender and refusing to refund the buyers earnest money.

This after the Lennar sales person told the buyers if they didn't qualify they'd refund the buyers earnest money! Buyer's beware!!!!!!!


The problem is not isolated to Florida. Same thing happened to my wife and I.

I am in Nevada so seems this is a normal practice for them.

I have not received my deposit back yet so for that reason I remain anonymous. My trust level for them is very low right now


I am so sorry that you have experienced this. WE ALL NEED TO HEAR YOUR LENNAR STORY.

I have created a website to help spread the word regarding Lennar Homeowners experiences. Please visit my website and send me your story: or email me:


At least they gave your deposit back. UMAC screwed up our approval but because it is outside of the mortgage contingency period they won't give our deposit back. We haven't done anything and nothing about our situation has changed.