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1) Told Legal Counsel was not allowed 2) Sales man signed the computer for the contract and put our names

3) asked repeatedly for a hard copy to read and refused to do that 4) Did not give full disclosure and inform us they own UAMC Mortgage 5) UAMC mortgage pre approved us but one conditon was that they would not be able to determine until they saw the 2014 taxes. 6)That was in Septmember.

I aske the broker would i get my money back if I am not approved, she said Absolutely. Put down the #0,000 depoist. 7) Got an email from Mortgage broke they were going on vacation but I never hear from her again. SHe was suppose to be going away for two weeks which would be more then an UNDISCLOSED rule that we had 30 days to tell them not approved.

( she told me I would get it back if I was not approved) 8)If I cannot do my taxes for at minimum of 180 days then How could we tell them I am pre approved at all never mind in 30 dyas. My argument is UAMC your company said from day one I had to get the 2014 taxes, therefore I could not be approved until that time 9) Now the mortgage broker isgone and Im emailing , calling and no response for weeks. They I contacted the processor and 3 1/2 weeks he finally got back to me and told me The mortage broker had quit. 10) No one notify me, No one return calls or emails.

11) in december The new broker said she needed a few weeks to catch up. We were now into Christmas. We started the whole process again. In the interim when I found out the broker was gone I went to two other mortgage brokers, two different companies and I got two written denials I did not qualify.

I also contacted a third bank and they verbally denied me. UAMC should not have approved me.

12) I only wanted to buy if I myself could afford it due to strict renting rules. Now they came back and said they can approval me for an investment property at higher interest rates 13) Then guess what the mortgage company came back again and said we need the 2014 taxes again. Businessis built on Integrity.

GIve a customer a written copy of contract. Sign actually paper work, Hiding and non disclosure of facts is a scam, taking my money being advised from THEIR mortgage broker it would be refunded if I did not get a mortgage. The sales man DID NOT DISCLOSE any of this. HE signed our initials and names on contract on the computer and would not let me scroll and read.

It is a mortgage Scam. Any one who had a similar experience please contact me at cutzypie@aol.com

Reason of review: SCAM ARTIST.

Monetary Loss: $28000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lennar Cons: Scam and stealing my deposit.

  • lied
  • No integrity
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