Naples, Florida
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Lennar homes and GE have sold appliances that are unacceptable.

Top load washer would only partially fill with water. It squealed so loudly that it could be heard out side through the walls. Repair man said that was normal for these appliances. Problem is it didn't clean laundry. - Gave it away to Goodwill.

Dryer didn't dry. "Oh it's working fine" according to the service tech. Gave it too away to Goodwill. Double door refrigerator doors wouldn't close once pushed toward closed as did our old LG and Samsung from prior homes. Dish washer failed; bad pump. It is 11 1/2 months old.

Lennar buys in if it's cheap, especially with the subcontractors, appliances and hardware. Doors warp, plastic foam exterior molding cracks, tiles are poorly set, electric outlets slide in and out when plugging into AC outlets. Lennar left the dryer vent sealed. It was probably the cause of failed dryer. Builders threw concrete waste into the sewer. Took two trips from the sewer maintenance crew to find and remove. Lennar just rejoices. House wasn't cheap except in quality. There isn't even wall insulation. No choices were offered for upgrades, but the design, floor plan and location are great; the builder isn’t.

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