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In November of 2005, we were negotiating to purchase a new home from Lennar's Parkers Place Subdivision in Taylors, SC. Everything was done we thought except the signature . My wife called me at work and said I need to sign the paperwork for the house which was priced at 183500. I told her OK and left work. When I got there the agent said we just got a price increase and since you haven't signed yet the new price is 193500. I should have walked away at that point but my wife really wanted the house so we agreed and put down a deposit and signed the agreement.

We moved in 2 days before Christmas 2005. We found a few issues which they told us they would cover under the warranty. The rep that helped us with the move in told my wife after she asked about the care of the hardwoods which turned out to be laminates that she need to just "Damp mop them" which she has done for the last few years. Recently we noticed the hardwoods were warping and peeling, we called Lennar about it the told us that it was water damage and 1.) not their responsibility and 2.) We were no longer in warranty. in the past 4 years we have had to have all the vinyl floors replaced, the downstairs carpet replaced, they refuse to fix the up stairs carpet, washing machine replaced, I have replaced most of the light switches in my home because they fail for no apparent reason. Lennar told me to replace them that was my responsibility. My heat pump while it barely met the standard when they built the house is insufficient to effectively heat or cool the house, the house which the salesman told us would be so energy efficient fails miserably, average Electric bill is about $300 and another $200+ for Gas. The house is drafty and poorly constructed. According to Duke Energy my house uses 3 times as much energy as the average home with same square footage (just myself, my teen daughter and my wife). We had all the double pane (thermal) windows replaced, both doors have been replaced. We have issues with cracks in the walls, cracks in my slab and my driveway from "settling". Recently we noticed mildew growing on a wall next to the water heater and called Lennar after 4 weeks and an email to the home office, the construction manager comes by and tells me that the emergency shutoff valve is leaking and since I'm out o warranty its my responsibility. I was outraged. A leaking brass valve which was installed by Lennar or one of their contractors which I have no control over is leaking and it's my problem. If the home was 20 yrs old but this was a new home 4 yrs ago.

I could never recommend Lennar to anyone after my experience. My next step is to consult my Attorney to see how to proceed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar House Construction.

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I am so sorry that you have experienced this. WE ALL NEED TO HEAR YOUR LENNAR STORY.

I have created a website to help spread the word regarding Lennar Homeowners experiences. Please visit my website and send me your story: or email me:


We would like to get this taken care of immediately, please contact me at your convenience so we can address your concerns. This has already been discussed with our team and we await your response.

Andrea Berenfeld - RVP Sales & Marketing