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We have been trying to build a home in DFW area since February. We signed in first of March. Lennar happily took our check and had it cashed within the week. We are under contract but to this day nothing has been done. Excuses pour from this company like water from an open tap. After a 90+ days of this, they are sounding more like lies.

First they were having to wait for release of land from city. Then they were having to wait for plans to be approved. Next they were having trouble finding workers. Then we were told they would start digging next week, now not till end of June! At this point we are 90 days into this game and it is the same old story just a different sob party for the poor builder. The mean old city will not release their permits. But their prices continue to increase across the board. Lots and house plans increases have added over $25,000.00 to there housing prices just since we signed. Can you smell the rate? They have had several people already walk away from contracts which only means added money in their pocket when they resale the next day at a hefty bonus.

While Lennar is content to set back and do nothing for its clients, all the other builders are doing what they were contracted to do. They are building houses left and right. All, already have house under roof, windows are installed and each day brings some new trade into their homes. The odd thing is, Lennar has more lots than any other builder, but they have yet to even have wood delivered much less start building an actual house for one of their buyers. To top all of this off, this is just about the process of getting to the actual construction of the house.

As for the design process there is a true break of communication between each part of the company, which sounds more like excuses again, to me. On the day we signed I ask for blue prints for interior design purposes and was cheerfully told I could "sure, you can get a set", but oh..."sorry I can't find that particular plan right now, but I will get it for you." Now, same person different story! I can't get the plans because they don't give them out. They belong to Lennar. Surly that was a known fact the day we signed, but anything for the sale, right! And as for the design choices they offer, don't look at the samples they have on site because they don't have them at the design gallery or they have been discontinued. Don't look at the specifics in the models either, because for some reason the President of that division put things into the models that Lennar does not even offer as an option. Also don't make the mistake of asking questions on pricing of something you like, because since I am still waiting, they apparently can't get that for you either. But make no mistake about it...It is ALWAYS someone else's fault. This company is a pro at playing the blame game!!!

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We've been waiting over a year just to sign a contract - told the land wasn't released, etc. now reading all these reviews and just heard their last building where we are looking has leaks / roof issues that they won't take care of.

Owners have had to hire a lawyer. The condo we've wanted also went up 25k in the past year.

Perhaps we need to rethink this purchase while we still can. It's a shame because the model is beautiful and the amenities outstanding .


I find it amusing that this post has any "BS" flags without any positive comments from people. Is it just Lennar employees posting their responses to keep their jobs???


Get out now. These are red flags.

Don't close with them.

I have over 80k in construction defects because of their cheap workmanship. If you do close with them they will fight you to fix anything, you will hear more excuses and you will be miserable like the rest of us who have already made the mistake of buying a home from Lennar.buying from them is the worst thing I have ever done.


Lennar has been doing the same tricks in Bonaire Heartland development in Maple Grove. They do tricks like posting buffer zone and selling to customers as wetland so they don't have to do SOD and stuff. It takes a *** of a argument with them to get any warranty work done...Frustrated Lennar Customer


Lennar has been doing the same thing in Trophy Club, Texas. They have three different parts of the community they are building in, all at different price points.

However, the larger homesites are moving very slowly. They have almost all the homesites sold but they are not building on but just a few. Contract dates have no relation to build date as we signed early and have yet to go beyond plumbing. Slow, slow, slow.

I have heard the excuses too. True lack of organization and leadership.


Has anything changed with your experience with Lennar? I am trying to decide what to do with my family.

We sold our home (which will close in 20 days) and we're looking for a home for sale in the Rockwall/fate area. The problem is, there's nothing coming on the resale market worth a dang, so we started looking into building. We've got lennar starting in fate, in our budget and with a floorplan exactly like we want. Now, I read so many bad things, I don't know what to do.

The other builders around here are too much for the home we need, so I feel like I don't have a choice right now. What's your thoughts