Tampa, Florida

As of 2013, Lennar Homes (www.lennar.com) is secretly repairing failing roofing and/or landscaping mistakes which create flooding/pooling of water which they left behind in the aftermath of completing new development at POTOMAC MARK PLACE and ROANOKE SPRINGS DRIVE in Ruskin Florida 33570.

The only way to have them repair the roofing tiles and/or correct landscaping to properly flow/channel rain water AWAY from one's home is to have a LAWYER send them a letter requesting it.

Homeowner's in this neighborhood were required to sign a NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT with Lennar Homes, in return to having the rework completed at no charge, despite the fact that Lennar Homes screwed up in the first place.

What's truly sad is that the window of opportunity (warranty) on the majority of these homes is nearing expiration. Homeowners have a right to know and have the shoddy work by Lennar Homes repaired asap.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

  • Potomac Mark Place
  • Roanoke Springs Drive
  • Faulty Roof Tiles
  • Faulty Landscaping
  • Flooding
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They did the same thing in Colorado. Landscaping not installed for a year, the grading was off and the backyards were filling up like a swimming pool.

Then the basement started flooding and the house was shifting.

Lennar of course avoided responsibility, waited a year to start to repair the work. Again right at the end of the Warranty date.

Guess it how they do business. No surprise there!


We bought our Lennar home in April 2012 (St. Charles, MD) and we are having the same issues with poor grading/landscaping. We have called our rep numerous times, and to this day no one has shown up when they have said they would. Each time it rains we have a "river" in our yard for 4-5 days. Not only are we unable to grow grass because of the standing water, but we believe the water is affecting the foundation of our house as well. The brick on the front of our house has cracked in numerous places. A few of our neighbors are having the same problem(s) & are unable to get someone to come look into the issues.

Lennar reps are so helpful & friendly when they are trying to sell you a house. After they've sold you the house and have their money, it's very hard to get a hold of anyone to help you.