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We have been in this home for almost 3 years, in which the home was built from the ground up in 2014. We have had several issues and actually submitted repair requests, several times with one time that they attempted to repair one issue, but left it incomplete for over 4 months.

This issue and others was not and has not been resolved. It was amazing to me, that once I submitted a BBB complaint, I was contacted immediately by a home rep named Robert. The first home rep, came and took pictures and seen for himself that the previous repair was faulty and the damage that was supposed to be fixed was not repaired. A second representative from Dri-Rite company came and took more pictures of the same damages inside and out, and took pictures of all the stucco cracks that have formed and have caused another leak.

In conclusion, both representatives identified cracks in the stucco, the moisture in the concrete, the mold on the carpet from the moisture, the crack floorboard on the second story loft. Received a call from Robert, the Lennar home representative, today, Dec 13 at 5:42pm. He once again tried to butter me up first and then proceed to once again relay that no structural damage was noted. He also stated that because the house was settling, that the cracks and leak caused was not Lennars fault and also said that because we failed to do home maintenance on the cracks in the stucco, that Lennar was not at fault.

I have never or have ever heard of conducting home maintenance on cracks in the stucco of your brand new or less than 3 year old home that was built from the ground up! He also proceeded to explain that only the carpet will be replaced because of extreme mold, but didn't want to address the root of the cause which is the leak somewhere in the foundation or stucco, which is ultimately causing the main issue that started almost 2 years ago. There are many issues that remain unfixed that was never taken care of. The same rep, Robert, was escorted around the home and shown all the faults.

He explained how he was new to the position and that the previous Lennar rep had not been doing his job. Since April 2015, we have submitted over 7 home repair requests and none had or have been fully repaired, since we bought the home. We have made requests about tiles, about floorboards, about cracks in the cabinets. It truly seems that Lennar is in the business of getting you in the EI style homes, but once you're in and they have you locked into a mortgage and the bank receives their first payment, then they are off the hook for everything.

This is a different type of predatory lending practice that Lennar has begun. Again, after completing 20 years of faithful military service to this country, you would think I could build a home for my family, watch them grow up and retire happy in an area that is great. I read several hundred reviews and went against the grain with the Lennar home. If I knew it would be this much of a nightmare for my family and myself, I would never have chosen this builder.

A company that builds homes for families should be faithful to their buyers/consumers and have them know that this is more than simply a $260K paycheck for them, but a lifetime investment for me and my family! Had I been a wealthy family, in a wealthy neighborhood, I believe Lennar would have rebuilt this house if asked to. Now we have mold in the house and Lennar doesn't care, we have cracked stucco clear across the side of the house and Lennar doesn't care, there is a cracked and uneven floorboard on the second level loft area of the home and Lennar doesn't care, there is an obviously leak which is causing moisture damage and Lennar doesn't care. My wife and kids are living in this house, with these issues, getting sick, interrupting my home business which is not allowing me to fully do my job and run my business and of course Lennar does not care.

We will continue to make complaints and submit repair requests until Lennar takes this serious.

It may only be just another quarter million dollar investment to Lennar, but this is my life and my families well being. It seems they were hoping that we were not informed enough to want our house put together the way it should be and for exactly what we payed and signed on the dotted line for.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to issue a partial refund as the author lost $250000. This person is overall dissatisfied with Lennar and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about lennar house construction at Lennar was customer service on repairs, follow up on first year repairs and lennars fix action for complaints Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I disagree with the previous comment that the stucco was the homeowners responsibility on this brand new home. What makes him think that Lennar would have fixed them during the warranty period?

I had owned a brand new Ryan home where I had developed 2 cracks inthe basement wall and one in the garage wall, all within the first year and had to fight with Ryan to fix them. I was told that these cracks are normal.

Had I had the basement finished, I would have incurred thousands of dollars in damage. The commenter below should live in one of those homes before he comments.

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States #1255113

Cracks in stucco are indeed a homeowners responsibility. I would look in your warranty book for a tolerance or standard but after 1 year, concrete cracks, drywall cracks, grout cracks, stucco cracks, etc.

need to have routine maintenance just a like a 2 year old vehicle or anything else you purchase. Things last as long as they are properly maintained.

to Anonymous #1267768

Lennar + UAMC are the dirtiest towards veterans. Issues amount to more than just what the consumer wrote in the first comment.

Even here in Central Texas! I can write a book about it and even have proof sitting right in my Gmail on why this company is trash...Pictures and documented proof. Lennar Homes + Evergreen Estates (which was closed right after they did a disservice to a veteran couple ...No coincidence) are a detriment to veterans.

Stay away! Run!

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