Fresno, California
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I buy a home from Lennar which address is 6243 E Pontiac Way Fresno Ca 93727. All the formalities done.

Lennar people promise with me that they give the house keys on Aug 16. But now when I try to contact the Lennar people they say that the title company ready for closing but when I try to contact the title company they say that lender don't send us some papers. According to this *** I'm staying at home, without work because Lennar people say to me that you stay free on Aug 16 .

Now I feel that Lennar cheating with me. I don't know what can I do now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar Home Buying.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Hey Al, do your homework. Lennar has their own lender and title company.

You must work for them because when the housing market crashed Lennar went bankrupt. They actually mailed out letters stating that they didn’t go bankrupt someone else did. Mare Island LNR went bankrupt which is a Lennar Corp. that they set up.

Normal business practice except the fact that Lennar tries to pretend it’s some other entity.

I worked for Lennar and believe this.... Lenna is corrupt and morally bankrupt without a doubt.


Your builder (Lennar in this case) is not responsible for the lender or title company. If your goal is to badmouth someone, you should focus on who is responsible.


Hey Al. You must work for Lennar in that you comment on every bad review here siding with the builder. Your punishment should be to live in one of those homes.

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