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It's incredibly humorous just how much more often someone connects to a review site, only to vent or speak badly. No one ever stops to consider how *** and uncontrolled their allegations come across.

Let's start with the facts. All of us have walked into a mcdonalds, or taco bell, even a 7-11, where the customer service sucked, or we were given bad tasting food, old food, the wrong order... but how many of us, decided after that day, that every mcdonalds would be boycotted from our hunger options. So you got an old nasty burnt patty in a burger King in California, but back in Las Vegas, do you never go to burger King again?

Lennar homes are built in communities all over the US, and each community has a different construction manager, the guy who's in charge of the construction of the homes being built, this guy is contracted by Lennar, to build these homes. Lennar does not have its own union of contracted union, they do not train construction workers, all they do I'd seek out the best they can find, and hope that each contractor will apply the best professional responsibility for the communities development, since they agreed to do so, at whatever price. Holding Lennar responsible for anything regarding the construction of the home would be equal to, someone going to Mario Tricoci, getting the worst haircut from one stylist, and everyone thinking that all Tricoci salons have terrible stylists that will mess up your hair. First off Mario Tricoci had nothing to do with your haircut, and neither does another stylist, it is understandable that in life we will always encounter somewhere along the way, someone who got lazy on the job, or who rushed something that shouldn't be rushed, and the quality in which we received, was not up to participate with what we're charged, but if that's the case, you have to hold the right people responsible.

If you are displeased with a cosmetic issue, it's your responsibility to find out who was responsible for the construction of your home, and put that person in the hot seat.

They're livelihood should be affected by their performance, not Lennar, they did everything they were supposed to. Just something to considee before blasting off poor reviews.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Puyallup, Washington, United States #1349680

Lennar is responsible. They hired these contractors and they obviously went with the lowest bid on everything.

It speaks to their business model. If they hired subpar contractors for my community then they will likely continue to do so. And I'm not talking about slight cosmetic defects.

In my cul de sac, 3 houses have had kitchen sinks fall into the cabinet because they weren't braced, several with missing insulation, one with a $2000 plumbing ground leak, electrical issues and many others. If they aren't vigilant with their selection process then you are taking a serious gamble.

to Anonymous #1371273

We are finding this in our community in SW Florida as well. They hire the cheapest subs and that IS part of their business model.

Project managers want to put as much money in their pockets as possible and they don't care how much money people have paid for their homes. It is disgusting!

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