Reno, Nevada
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Was trying to buy a Lennar home in Reno and the purchase was contingent on the sale of my home. Lennar knew this and it was pointed out to them on several occasions.

I put my house on the market, where it remains today, and Lennar is forcing me to sign a cancellation of my purchase but refusing to give back the $5,000 earnest money that I put up as a deposit. They apparently have another buyer lined up and they've told me that I can get only 1/2 of my deposit back. This despite the fact that I checked with them several times about just such an issue, since my house wasn't even on the market when I entered into the contract with them. THey assured me that if my house didn't sell, that I would receive all of my deposit back, as I wouldn't qualify for the loan.

All I can say for sure is that Lennar will not get any business from me, my family, or anyone else that I can talk sense into. They basically just lied to me on this purchase and in giving me 1/2 my deposit want me to feel good about the deal that I am getting.

I'm very disappointed and feel cheated. As I said, not that they care (and that's the problem), they will not be getting any of my business in the future and I hope they don't get yours.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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It really is up to the buyer to determine if they qualify for a home. Lennar building a house per contract based on the buyer selling their home is up to the buyer.

How is it the fault of Lennar that the buyer didn't fulfill their end of the contract? Does Lennar just sit on the house and pay interest until the buyer sells their house?


^^^Lennar puppets say Lennar can do no wrong. Ever!