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We purchased our Lennar home in Estero Fl 51 weeks ago. The tile in the kitchen, great room and master bath are beginning to have hairline cracks in them.

It started with 1 tile in 1 room, now it is 11 tiles in 3 rooms! My Home Care Rep says they will repair anything that is cracked as of nov 30, our warranty expiration date, but these cracks grow every day!!!!! Does anyone else have this problem?

I would like to see if there might be others so that we could band together and perhaps file a class action suit, or, at the very least, know if someone is getting resolution to this problem. Thanks.

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Our house lost a lot of value and is falling apart; never was finished up correctly when reported issues to them. Other houses are falling apart too.


lennar homes are a joke. Cheap windows,horrid carpet and you can hear a conversation anywhere in the house.Paint will wipe off if you try to remove a scuff.Nothing in this house speaks of quality.


I have had cracks 3 times in 4 years totalling 40 tiles and growing and now the tile installer says it's useless to repair them; they'll just keep on cracking. Lennar refuses to do anything about it.

I would join a class action suit. I live in Estero.


I have a terrible experience with Lennar, this company has whole bunch workers who don't care about the responsibility for what they build. I refuse to accept the house even they try to fix the problems.

I can't trust them at all. I found out that my new house has bathtub has damage, the driveway has many holes with loose pebbles and cracks. The garage floor has many cracks, the back porch has poor concrete floor and bad bricks. The cabinets in the kitchen area has bad quality, the painting is not very professional, the sidewalk path has several sections with broken concrete.

It doesn't look like that the house is worth $383K, the builder didn't even fix the problems before the closing date. Of course, I refuse to put the down payment, I also want to give up this house. Lennar people keeps telling me that they will fix the problems, but I don't even trust them. I can't get my deposit back.

I will take action to fight for my right, hope we can work together to fight again Lennar, hope lee people will be cheated by this company in the future. My e-mail is


I have the exact same issue with the tile. My whole first floor tile has lifted up due to poor workmanship.

The Customer Service Rep agreed that the issue was with how the floor was put down. Lennar in Texas. Does anyone know of any recourse consumers can take against Lennar.

I would join a class action against this company.


I am having the exact same issue with my Lennar home built in 2011. My 3 year old 1800 sq.

ft home has had about 100 sq. ft of tile crack. Appropriately 60 sq. ft cracked in the first year and they are still going.

I pulled one tile and discovered they did not use a membrane between the tile the slab except over expansion joints. The tile has been discontinued. I am going to write Lennar a letter if I don't get this problem resolved I will be hiring an attorney. I have email correspondence and a home inspection report from when the home was still under warranty discussing hollow sounding and cracked tiles.

I made it clear I had big concerns on how the floor was going to hold up from the day I moved in! About 10k to tear up all the tile and have it replaced with comparable flooring. The tile in my house was clearly not installed properly! If you are buying a new home don't sign closing papers until you have a home inspection and construction issues are fixed properly.

Once the keys belong to you they will do or say just about anything to get out correcting bad workmanship. After your 1 year is up they aren't going g to fix a thing without a battle


I live in Estero, FL. I have the same problem as you and so do many neighbors. I would join a class action suit with you.



Our. Home and many others in neaborhood r having major foundation problems Pflugerville Texas


my family and i just recently moved in in Nov. 12 .Since then water started leaking under the sink,in the tubs there were suppose to cut a plastic hole where the silver thing sorry don't know what's it called but didn't do that.

Water leaking from roof where there a/c unit at. Around the house the bottom cement looking all outside around the house is coming apart. Is the house ganna come down when time goes by WORRIED. I can keep going and going what can i do this is wrong we pay over 150,000 dollars to buy a new built home which was built in June 2012 so we wouldn't have any problems and this is what we get.

The construction workers don't know what there doing. If we pay all this money shouldn't it be Lennar job to make sure they get qualified construction workers


Clearly Lennar is spending allot of time marking all these negative reviews as "B.S.". If they only spent this much time on their *** homes they might not get so many bad reviews!!!


I am so sorry that you have experienced this.


I have created a website to help spread the word regarding Lennar Homeowners experiences.

Please visit my website and send me your story:

or email me:


We bought our house in aug 2013, it is now July 2014 our sub flooring is poping out you can clearly hear it, we put in a claim with Lennar and we got an email stating that our field rep would be contacting us, I see our field rep drive by everyday and not a word has been said about our claim, since it hasn't been a year and our home is still under warranty you would think they would at least try to honor their part of the deal I'm seriously thinking about letting our home go into foreclosure drive the value of all the houses down and take away Lennar's profit away I'm sure once a house goes into foreclosure and sales for below market value it will drive down the prices of other and new homes in our neighborhood


I can tell you that Lennar is a blood-sucker, take advantage of honest people. I found out so many problems during the first walk-through before the closing date, marked the areas which needed to be fixed and asked for the final walk-through before putting the down payment and sign the deal.

We found out that Lennar didn't even fix the problems, the builder kept asking us to sign the paper, kept saying that Lennar will

keep promise for the warranty for all appliances for a year, the structure for 10 years. However, I can't accept a house with broken bathtub, cracks on the floor of garage, poor driveway condition and many other issues. I told Lennar that I don't need the house, return my deposit . Of course, they will not return my deposit, kept saying that they will fix the problems.

But I don't trust them at all now, will keep fighting until my deposit is back. We need to get together to file a law suit, my e-mail is, please let me know how we can work together, thanks!

Daniel Lou


Hello and please let me know if you can share any additional details such as your name and address and I would be happy to look into this situation for you. Please contact me at