Happy Valley, Oregon

A light switch in a hallway that was never installed means that the light in the ceiling in that room will not work. Therefore they are now in default of our intended closing date because just in this one case, sheet rock and repaint will have to be redone after their resident half wits start tearing up the place to go and find the point where this switch was to have been put in the first place, and obviously wasn't. Really,!!, JUST BRILLIANT, you dimwits !! Given the sheer numbers of these problems it seems painfully obvious that they are in default of their own closing date for which we already made offers to extend, and they are so sloppy that there is no way they can get all these things fixed in time, which puts us in many other levels of jeopardy not mentioned here.

Other entries on the Inspector's list are not even mentioned in this blog, but I think you will get the picture before you are done here, Floyd baby. A lot more could be said, but I will let these pass.

A bathtub in the master bathroom has a lovely nice crack, so it will leak when it's used. Their crew clowns probably did this during install, and it would have been better for everyone had these persons been just a little more careful, but the facts are painfully obvious, methinks !

The nice Inspector, Mr. Tom, said that it could be fixed and would never be shown, but, here's a real pertinent question for the "Einstein" who masquerades, falsely impersonates as a crew chief on this disaster:

"Hey, Genius, how about a really new policy with you and your brilliant group of bunglers,

for you to BE THERE, go there, and tell them to 'do it right the first time'!!???", and not to put the poor buyer thru so much distress and grief?

How about some of you dim bulbs somewhere in this lineup of retards to have the stones to be honest and truthful, and to get the crews to do it right the first time instead of (?maybe?) the

third ???

How about taking a little more effort, care and time, and having the decency, the class, to take a little pride in your work and its results, instead of the way you have been doing ? Or rather more probably! would that level of effort compromise your profits too much? Betcha !! That's what the real truth is, and why this has gone like it has.

Shingles on the roof were broken and not replaced, nailed badly, and caulking on the roof and siding in a lot of places that should have been done was ignored by their shabby contractors, of whom all these and more are just examples.

I can and I do, make a shout out for the flooring guys, for Mr. Andrew, who told us at the start that the hickory we paid for was defective and had to be pulled up and replaced, so we lost more precious time waiting for their "supplier" to deliver another product, one which put my poor wife through days of tension and doubt over wondering whether she had made the right choice or not, after they had to do THIS ONE a second time. Thank you, Mr. Andrew, you are a guy with some real class, so why are you working for them ?

A gas top stove does not work, the Inspector we hired to tell us the truth said that it was defective from the factory, and that means that nobody on this whole food chain of crooks, dimwits, bull *** and or outright liars was paying attention or taking responsibility for delivering the product that we paid for.

In this case, this stovetop should never have been allowed to enter the door in the first place since it was defective, but as usual, in their mad dash for profits, their Quality Control is a roll of CHARMIN, people, for what that's worth. Their QC, ISN'T !

As a further observation, indeed, a point of no small worry for me, is that given the pattern established here of this level of lousy work, then what sort of ugly little secrets are hidden in the framing and the walls of this cracker box, never to be known or remedied until or unless something unpleasant happened and the facts became evident in a failure of some sort ? How much bailing wire and chewing gum did they use when they were putting together the framing ?


Nahh, they cost too much, just blow your nose on it and it will stick together long enough for us to get out of here, and it's not our problem afterwards.

As for screws, we use those on the buyer, not the project. They're dumb enough to believe whatever we tell them. They're here, aren't they? So we're just fine with this.


The interior has so many blue tape marks by the Inspector for poor work in the painting and sloppy fits on the baseboards that the painter was mad for being shown how much owl dung their work sucked.

The REPORT provided by this fine Inspector is THIRTY pages long of this kind of bungling, so if anyone out there actually reads any of this! then you "just might" want to consider pretty carefully as to whether or not you really want to buy a LENNAR home ???

Do your blood pressure a big favor, Toots, and WALK, DRIVE and or RUN from them.!!

This "builder" tried to skate on the hardwood floor that we paid them as a cash upgrade in the master bedroom. First, they tried to get away with putting in their cheesy carpet instead, and when we called them on it they did some more of their usual shuck and jive, denials and delays, until they got screamed at some, and then they did what they were supposed to do in this case. What has us freaked out and furious here is that this should never have happened in the first place, but it seems that the people they hire to do their jobs are either incompetent to begin with, and or the ones who should be there overseeing these tasks DONT!, the right people (cannot??) or do not read the work orders per the contract, or in at least some of these instances they do such sloppy work and leaving their personal trash strewn behind them which we regard as a disrespectful insult, that we are about to invite them to FGS their "house", as in Fold, Grease, and Shove !!

Then we get to the misplaced drain pipe that these brilliant geniuses did. As the son of a plumber I think I can speak a little bit about pipes of various sorts and how they should be rightly done. In this! case, more brilliance and glorious bungling far too extensively detailed than I can tell here applies, but to be brief, they tried to skate on the fact that they had misconstructed a gutter downspout line, so here we are in our lovely Oregon rain, and we have all this lovely rainwater pouring out of this unconnected downspout line at the edge of the garage, with a lovely prognosis for erosion of soil, perhaps even foundation failure were it left as these stooges did it. SO, after a little more of my screaming , poorly disguised insults and other sledgehammers at least verbally, applied where their "Agent?" "Might have" the means to fix it, they actually (gasp!) !did! Do something about what should have been done rightly the first time, but not until they had been screamed at and heard some imaginative insults and suggestions of simian ancestry in their paternal history somewhere.

So, again, folks, are you QUITE SURE you want to suffer this level of anguish, humiliation, disrespect, prevarication, gloriously indifferent ineptitude and THEN SOME, as a "customer!??" (Victim) of these life-form specimens, genetic mistakes?

Another entry in this whole catalog of farce, insults, sloppy work, and buyer misery, is a foundation vent where the siding was not cut to fit the opening. The siding was just slapped onto the wall and continued from there, so the foundation vent in this case is 60 percent covered and unusable. It is very obvious in this case that those simians they hired for this job did not even slightly attempt to do it right, the photograph proves this beyond dispute, thanks Mr. Tom !!

A doorway to the deck outside needs to have a trim piece installed to cover the fact of how uneven are the ends of the flooring adjacent. More sloppy, more indifferent, overlooking or more probably, !IGNORING! The self-evident!

Basement deck door has no screen?? - and, you want us to close on the whole sorry barn , yesterday??? Really?!! Nope, the list continues, we're just on page eight.

Outside deck has no steps down from the inside door, a drop of Maybe eighteen to twenty four inches?? More indifference? Left as it now is, that's a darn good chance for a broken leg!

Furnace has no air filter?? Brilliant, we're supposed to be recycling all the dust that they left in the air vents ?? gee, thanks !

Air conditioner unit, another upgrade PAID UP FRONT in CASH, a concession among other things to my own allergies, just sits there, it's NOT CONNECTED, so our Inspector could not even test it to see whether it worked ,! (Or not!??). It should have been there weeks earlier, but with these clowns, LAST MINUTE LOUIE should be their company name. At least with that one point they !!ARE!!

Consistent ! Sarcasm deliberate, kapeeshee ?

Well, it should be pretty obvious by now, that on this job,

Curly and Larry have been doing their usual, but we have not seen Moe? Maybe he's their "supervisor"? ! No wonder, surprise, given the facts!

The laundry room sink we paid them an upgrade of !FIVE! !HUNDRED! !DOLLARS! In cash was not installed at all, the crew put a flat surface where it was supposed to be, and so more screaming at their "Agent" got them to send a crew to cut *** in the top, remove the drawer and cover it with a faceplate, and the "sink" they installed was not even caulked round the seams of the $85.00 PLASTIC cheapie they put where a STAINLESS was meant to be. Brilliant, guys, just !BRILLIANT! CHEATING the Buyer like this, is that how you cover up the costs of your own bungling and blatant mistakes? do I really!?? WANT this house at all now?

Basement bathroom shower head LEAKS, I'm glad it's just a bathroom and not the hull of a cruise ship above 6000 fathoms of icewater, complete with niceties like sharks.

If you get the picture a little bit, Folks, then think a little more about how much you have to sweat for your money to pay for a home, and think some more about whether you want to trust your hard labors to an outfit like this one?

We come away from this with the impression that these people do NOT CARE about their buyers (victims), they do sloppy work, too fast!

If any, their final results are not their concern! just YOUR money! and if you want it done right the first time! these are not !? The people to work with.

Gordon d., (UN-)Happy valley, Oregon

Bkesl at hotmail

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*Happy Valley


Anyone else have trouble with their Happy Vallet,Oregon home?


They trained to be rude; the lennar company cultures the bad behavior; their motto is we careless about our customer


I hope you're reading these remarks folks. Their not making it up. The horror stories I could tell you if my husband would let me post our story!


I agree 110%