Ruskin, Florida
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Lennar's Customer Care has been called twice to help fix the less than desirable work completed on our brand new home. Both times we were told that their work was not covered under warranty even though they are the ones that did the bad job, it was our responsibility to fix.

The first had to do with the light fixture in the lanai in which a huge piece of the ceiling was cut out after they had sealed over the place for the fixture to begin with. We replaced the original fixture to find a gaping hole in which our new fixture would not cover entirely. There is also another spot in the ceiling that has *** Our master bedroom shower leaks causing the drywall to become mushy. Lennar sent out a guy who just chaulked around what he perceived to be the issue, also stating he would send out his supervisor to take a look in case it could be worse.

Noone has ever come back out and we never received a return call. Should mold accumulate, a lawsuit will take place. I will never buy another home from Lennar again. Their contractors are *** and their Customer Care is worthless.

Our A/C unit is also not working properly after being less than a year old. Customer Care has been contacted,once communication leaves customer care, noone knows how to communicate and noone wants to correct the issues either!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar Customer Care.

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this is the only review that has been posted. i thought the homes were lovely and seriously thinking of purchasing one. hope i have a better experience.