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I bought a Lennar home in Minnesota and winters get very cold (no surprise). I have a severe condensation problem on my windows and when I called customer service for help, it was nightmare of an experience.

She was rude, spoke down on me and totally blamed me for the problem that I don't change the humidity settings in the house everyday.

She reminded me that I signed a document that humidity is not Lennar's problem and I should have to monitor indoor humidity everyday and settings everyday, yes, everyday...

What an awful experience and I would never buy a Lennar home again. I have never seen such a poor customer support representative in my entire life.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The only way windows will accumulate condensation is if the interior humidity levels are too high. This is the 'popcan affect' of condensation due to warm, moist interior temperatures and very cold exterior temperatures. So I would say the builders service department is correct though it should not be necessary to control humidity levels but rather monitor daily and make sure humidity levels are right around 35% at any given time in winter.