Rochester, Minnesota
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My daughter is looking at buying a home with this company in Las Vegas. I am going to refer her to this site as it seems alot of complaints seem to be the same issues with this company.

Are there any homeowners in Las Vegas who are experiencing the same problems reported here such as leaking water pipes, faucets falling apart, toilets not flushing, mold, doors not closing, electrical issues, air conditioning units malfunctioning, cheap appliances, landscaping problems, etc?

Does anyone know of an honest house inspector in Las Vegas?

Any feedback from homeowners in Las Vegas would be appreciated.


Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar Home Buying.

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I Have a home with lennar. As far as value of the house I have not had one problem.

My appliances are not cheap. I have not experienced any leaking pipes, mold, electrical, and doors not shutting issues. I love the dual function on my ac.

I believe everyone in Vegas with a 2 story house needs one, def saves on electric bill. Hope this helps :grin