Williamsburg, Virginia
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Virtually all homes built by Lennar at Colonial Heritage in Williamsburg, Virginia have had fogged window failures after only a couple of years in service. They continue to fail year after year at great expense to home owners, especially those who are not the original home owners and must pay the full expense with no warranty coverage at all.

Incredibly, Lennar continues to use MI Windows as their supplier for all new homes built at Colonial Heritage.

Potential buyers take heed, as no one at Lennar or local real estate sales companies are going to offer this information to you! MI Windows seems content to consider replacement window sales as a profit center.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I just had a recent issue with fogged windows at my house. MI Windows was very helpful and I replaced all the windows in my house for $400 installed thanks to their warranty (and I am not the original owner, as they would have been able to replace them for free).


The original MI windows installed by Lennar are covered by a 20 year warranty. This means they do not fail at 'great expense', the replacement window is covered.

This also transfers over to the second owner for up to 10 years from the original construction date. In the first 8 years in my Lennar home only one MI window seal failed, I paid $25 for a warranty replacement. It's pretty easy to get the information about the warranty and go through the process if getting it replaced. Lennar does not manufacture windows and all brands of windows experience failed seals.

Just wanted to share the truth about the process.

Here it is directly from the manufacturer:


Sorry but the previous poster is just wrong. Lennar isn't a perfect builder but no need to spread false info.


That link you provided is a dead end. The warranty is 10 yrs., not 20 and I am in Window *** trying to get them replaced in our home 8 yrs into the 10 yr.

warranty! Lennar quality is very poor.

We have had a list of issues since we bought. I would never recommend a Lennar home!