Willis, Texas
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Lennar advertises "Everything's Included". What they don't tell you is that everything is the cheapest they can find.

Extremely poor construction. What can you expect when the "builders are unskilled and uneducated folks from other countries who's work is not overseen properly". Warranty visits are made by people who do not speak English. Issues with roof, appliances, windows, flooring (lovely?

vinyl plank flooring with hills and valleys and held down along the edges with white goop, tiling (how many different sized grout lines can be used in one room?); and lets skimp on the grout so there are sharp edges to boot; bullnose tile?Lennar doesn't know what that is; and funky sewage smells in bathrooms and a urine smell in the closet. Complaints are met with standard responses (my favorite one being "No one else has complained about this".) or How about this one: "Lennar is a production builder". The contractors do what they want, do nothing to (protect from damage) what has already been installed, cannot cut a miter and are not proficient in any of the crafts involved in building a home.

The contractors are nothing more than cheap laborers whose primary tool to hide their ineptness is white caulk. So very disappointed!!!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: I want personal visit with someone who will ADDRESS the issues we have with this house PRONTO..

Lennar Cons: Bad finishes.

  • Pricing Deception
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sorry your experience sucked but you sound like a *** about foreigners


I really have a hard time believing your comments we have had a wonderful experience1


Agreed . I have really horrible experience with all the Lennar staff in San Francisco bay area Sales, construction.

Lack of respect, experience. Terrible people