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BEWARE - what you see in the model home is the quality that you will get. Model homes are built in 2 months tops, rushed and hurried with shoddy work. If you have a Construction Manager named Adrian Bailey, he was our Construction Manager, also beware that there will be scheduling issues and he will sit in his office all day long and not supervise the contractors doing the work. Adrian made a lot of empty promises that were never kept. The foundation on the house next door to us was 2 feet short, another house that Adrian is "supervising". Lennar's Sales and Construction Manager will never admit they were at fault on their mistakes and will blame the problems on you or various contractors that they employ, when in fact it was their fault.

My son has really bad allergies and should literally live in a bubble. First off, we were told that carpet would be last to be installed, not the case. Adrian's explanation on that was that he can't schedule everything according to plan. So I had asked 3 times, to the German the sales guy and to Adrian, for them to make sure the carpet was covered when they do the drywall and paint. Not once was the carpet covered and when I addressed the issue with Adrian, his answer to me was "It is what it is." It is not what it is when our main concern is my son's allergies. This is the attitude you will get from Adrian the entire time.

Our house was missing 2 windows for 5 weeks. And every time we asked Adrian about it, he said it was being ordered and yet houses being built all around us were getting windows. Every word that comes out of his mouth, German, or Adrian's boss Jeff, is all half truths. This is the most unprofessional group of people with a lack of customer service skills I have encountered. The large group text messages between this group of people never get answered or resolved, which will be screenshot and sent to Lennar Corporate along with detailed pictures of all the problems we have encountered.

We have been in this house less than a month and two of those weeks, we have contractors out here fixing problems that Adrian knew about, but failed to follow up to make sure it was getting resolved. Instead of admitting he knew about the problems, which can be shown in a string of text messages between myself, my husband, Adrian, Adrian’s boss Jeff, and the sales guy, German, he passes our issues on to the Warranty department.

We deeply regret having ever bought this home. We were told by German, the sales guy, in January that the house would be done by the beginning of March. We needed to give a 60 day notice at the apartment and told German we needed a definite date. The dates then kept changing to mid-March, then to the end of March, back to mid-March and finally, end of March. We hired an inspector to come out and inspect that house two days before the scheduled initial "Quality Assurance" Walk Through. The house was not in any condition to be inspected, so we had to pay the additional charge to have them come back out to inspect the house the following week before the Final Walk Through. Plumbing, door hardwares, landscaping, lighting fixtures,..., were not done. They had the guts to comment to us that they have never had anyone have their house inspected 2 days before the Final Walk Through and Closing. Again, not our fault, but the person who is in charge of scheduling, ADRIAN BAILEY.

His boss, Jeff, blames us for rushing them to finish our house, but the house on the other side of us had their foundation poured the same day as our house. They closed on their house a full month ahead of us. Every time we asked why our house was not on schedule, their excuse is the weather. It's funny that our house has the same "weather" as next door, just a different Construction Manager, and yet they finished a whole month before our house. Weather? I think not. Our Construction Manager, Adrian, slacking on his job? I think so.

Also, know that the painters they use are "Top Quality" according to Jeff Adams, Adrian's boss. But yet they have to paint on the door hinges due to the skill level of these painters. (Hmm…”Top Quality”? I think not if they have to paint the door hinges.) You will find texture all over the baseboards, which they painted over instead of sanding down and painting. And even their fingerprints in the semi-gloss paint on the window sill or carpet fibers stuck to the baseboards because they failed to tape the carpet down before painting. Their "Top Quality" painters will also argue with you when you point out areas that needs to be fixed. A piece of trim in our upstairs bedroom had gobs of caulk caked all over the front of it. When asked to scrap off the caulk and paint it, the painter says "No, just paint. Caulk needed to hold trim in place." Well, we had to involve Lennar's Director of Construction to come out to our house and see the problems for himself. Needless to say, we were able to request a different contractor to come and remedy some of the paint issues. After prying off that small piece of baseboard trim, there was about an inch of caulk caked on the front of the trim and none on the back. Yeah, "Top Quality" work. Seems like Lennar should be giving bonuses to their painters for the lack of paint that they use on our house. There are various areas throughout our house that they said has two coats of paint, but in fact, you can see the differences in the paint colors and areas with some semi-gloss paint on the door but the other half does not have semi-gloss.

A lot of cutting corners and half-*** jobs.

If you decide to build here, even after reading this review, watch them like a hawk and good luck getting them to resolve anything.

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New house is like a new car, always problems and only suckers buy them. Never buy in a brand new community, usually a very costly mistake, and more than likely HOA fees and restrictions on what you can/can't do to your house. Not worth it.




Why did you close on the house if it wasn't finished? We're buying from Lennar now so I stumbled onto this site.

I'm guessing hindsite is 20/20 so I'm sorry you're having these issues.

My fiancee and I have talked about just these types of things coming up and we've agreed not to close until we have an independent home inspection and all issues are fixed. Good luck with everything.


So you accepted delivery of a house you knew wasn't right because you needed to be out of your apartment? Bad move.

Good move to have had an inspector though. You should have put your stuff into storage and stayed with a relative.

Katrina S
@James C

Lennar has a tendency to force you to close by a certain date once they set it. We had the same exact situation.

Our inspector came 6 days before anticipated closing, but the lighting hadn't all been installed, appliances were still in boxes, etc. On the day of the walk through, we were told remaining issues would have to be taken up with warranty. I refused to sign one of the forms and they told me if I didn't sign "in one hour," we'd lose the negotiated price, and our $10,000 deposit. 7 month nightmare ever since...

so many more problems than we ever imagined. And the kicker? The home failed inspections.

It was not considered habitable by the city, the day we were forced to purchase the home. A lawyer told me this isn't uncommon for Lennar.

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