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First time home buyer in 2013 and we would never purchase another lenar home. Before purchasing we rented in Tulare CA on the west side and our house was burglarized and ransacked so we moved in with my parents for 8 months to save money and buy a home.

My husband of 4 months and my 2 year old step daughter whom lived in one bedroom at my parents. Keep that in mind when wondering why we did not stick to our guns and we jumped at the first opportunity.When we first went to do a walk through and sign our papers we had issues. My husband and i paid put own home inspector to do walk through with us. Upon arrival the man from lenar, Dan; told us she couldn't be there and we couldnt start the walk through until she was gone.

The inspector told us that by law she could be there, but after a heated argument she left. We did our walk through and signed papers. Within a month we had prombled with our elctrical wiring. The light in the kitchen would pop and then blow the breaker.

The electrician came and replaced light switch plate. It happened again in the kitchen and living room the same guy replaced switch plates. Then it happened in our daughters closet (i.e., it popped and the light blew out so we tried replacing lightbulbs and it didnt work at all) he replaced the entire insert but it still pops. Then it happened in the living room again and he messed with fan and said it was fixed.

Its happened numerous times. We go through expensive lightbulbs (i.e., ten dollars a light) often. Here we are three years later and we continue to have problems. I put in a work order.

Lisa from lenar called me and it explained to her that we have had nothing but problems with our lighting and now when our living room light is on it will make a pop or tick and go off, but not every time. When i plug the vacuum in th living room it blows the breaker. Then my daughter turned the switch on for the living room light while i had something in the microwave and it blew the breaker. She told me that electrical is warranteed for one year.

I explained to her this has been an on going problem that i could get all the emails and it has been at least a handful of times and majority of those were in the first year. Then she says well what lightbulbs are you using. I told her the extras that were left and the expensive dimmable ones that go in them. Really trying to blame it on the lightbulbs.

Trust me i wish i could use cheap ones but i cant. Every time the electrician has come out ive asked him if the wiring bad and he says no. Well he is coming out tomorrow to check it out and i am hopeful that itll get fixed but for the last 3 years it has not been fixed. Just noticed when i pulled my oven out to get a toy that they didnt even grout right next to the wall.

Weve also had problems with our ac.

One time lenars ac guy couldnt so we paid for our own and he said our unit runs and runs and is really loud due to it being to small for our home. Lenar told me its not its energy efficent.

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First of all, it's spelled 'Lennar'. Second, Lennar is doesn't just pick the cheapest A/C they can find and install this; everything has to be engineered and specifically chosen for that size home. The electrical problems could be from a number of things; my guess after reviewing this letter is it's from user error.


That's all they're worth. One year.

Lennar homes are garbage. My advice to anyone, especially military veterans are to run and not deal with this company at all. The guy who corrected you on spelling Lennar incorrectly, had the nerve to play spelling police role.

However, look at the grammatical errors in his second sentence (Second, Lennar is doesn't just pick...). I bet he is going to logon and edit after seeing this lol.


I can tell that this *** who made the prior comment doesn't know what he is talking about. I had bought a brand new Ryan home and the heating system would take hours to bring the temperature up just a few degrees.

Ryan claims the the unit was properly sized for that home. Upon having an HVAC specialist measure the home square footage and inspect the unit he found that it was undersized to properly heat the home. The AC however want as bad and was undersized by a half a ton. Despite the expert, Ryan refused to address the issue.

BTW, that unit broke down 7 times during my 3 years of ownership with that home. That *** should live in a LENNAR home, did I spell it right pal, before he writes a *** comment!