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I don't even know where to begin. I guess I'll make a list of all the problems I've had and then just take the highlights of poor service from there as I've spent far too much time already trying to fight with them to fix the *** work they did in the first place. I haven't lived in the home for more than 5 months and this is what I have so far. Roof leaked, foundation cracked, broken support beams in the basement, grounding rod installed improperly, big mud puddle in backyard from poor grading, shoddy job at best laying sod, 3ft bush planted 1ft from home, laminate flooring bubbled up, fake hardwood bowing up (not installed properly) garage door opener broke, asphalt installed poorly with 3/4" lip leading up to sidewalk, carbon monoxide detectors not installed to code (they told me they were after I questioned them and had to go bad again after printing state code to show them they were not up to code, then I got a lecture from Aaron about how co detectors should be on the floor and that he gives contractors a pass without checking up on their work, yes, really. Half the doors weren't installed properly and rubbed against the frame, masonry work done incomplete, when questioning the contractor he tried to lie about the "right" way it was done but the pillar next to it was done differently?? Siding has fallen off my house and it's the absolute cheapest stuff you can buy (hoping for a hailstorm) siding contractor stated himself that he was "embarrased" by the job that was done, then left. Did I mentioned the mud puddle in the backyard yet. Sprinkler system waters half the driveway, there was also a sewage pipe run to the wrong angle, it was sloping up, not down, gross!!

That's just the issues I can think of off the top of my head, now to their customer service trying to correct the issues. The first one was trying to get construction debris, nails, sharp metal, tools, etc. removed from the unfinished yard (built in winter so no sod yet) and we have 3 young kids. A reasonable request as there were roofing nails sticking straight up with little orange bases at least 2 inches out of the ground. I asked at least 4 times to have it removed when finally the Lennar sales lady came knocking on my door with her husband and kid and said they would pick it up for us!! RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A DINNER PARTY, THERE WERE FOUR CARS IN THE DRIVEWAY! I'm perfectly capable of bending over and picking up trash but after spending $360k didn't feel it was my job, when I was called by Lennar to give a review I told the truth about the passive aggressive gesture and received an email from her that night stating how "she's never responds to reviews but has never been treated that way before and was so offended I would leave that kind of review" yes, they tell the people you're reviewing exactly what you say. That's just the beginning. When the foundation cracked and leaked water in my basement they came out quickly to fix it, one feather in their cap but a pretty big mistake to start with. I've sent Aaron, the construction manager, and Renee (the lady who's supposed the manage warranty work at least 30 emails, have waited weeks for a response, and have had to ask 4-5 times for things to get done before they reluctantly send the same *** contractor out to try and fix the poor job he did in the first place. So I decided to call an inspector out just to see what he thought. He made a list of issues and over 75% of them were addressed by Aaron as being a "best practice" when building a house but Lennar doesn't do that. It especially bothers me that they told me my carbon monoxide detectors were up to code, when they were not, and I had to spend the time looking it up to prove to them they were wrong, only then did they come fix it. Another good story.....the roofers left nails al over the roof that could be seen from the upstairs windows. I didn't want them discoloring the roof or falling into the yard for my kids to play with so wanted them removed. The first 4 times I asked I was ignored, then my roof leaked during a thunderstorm. Took them 4 days to get a guy out to fix he leak, which he did, when I asked the 5th time to have the nails removed the owner of the roofing contractors son came out. He was awesome!! He ended up redoing 4-5 different areas of the roof that he claimed would have leaked, replaced 4 bundles worth of shingles that were either installed improperly or were damaged by the siding company, those were his words, and apologized it was done right the first couple times. And to top things off I asked the rest of the roof be looked over by the guy that came to fix the first leak, if one guy can find enough issues to spend 4+ hours fixing it right why didn't the first guy? Even better yet, why didn't Aaron, the construction manager look over the work he hired his subcontractors to do? I'm really tired of writing and could go on all day with a dozen other things. (Only reason I have the time for this is I'm stuck in the hospital waiting to go home after our 4th child's birth)

I think the problem starts with Lennar demanding the "construction manager" take the lowest bid, to add insult to injury he obviously doesn't look over the work before signing off, and as admitted to me by Aaron, the construction manager, he knows the inspectors so well that they take a quick look at things and then just sign off. I believe this because in hindsight some of the issues are beyond explanation and should not have been turned over to me in that condition. My advice DONT BUY A HOUSE BUILT BY LENNAR IN MINNESOTA!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar House Construction.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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You are exactly right! In our house 4 months. It's falling apart!