I purchased a Lennar home in Florida in February 2013 with $30,000.00 down. I was told the home would be done not later than 15 August.

They started building April 5th laying the foundation and block. June came, nothing done; July came, nothing done....I went by the homesite at least 3 times a week. I complained to the construction foreman regularly; Lennar changed foremen 3 times during the construction. When they did perform work, there were only 3 workers at a time doing things.

It rains a lot in Florida during the summer, so what little work they were doing got soaked a lot. The roof went up in August. I was pissed. I complained to the salesman, the construction foreman, the Vice Presidents for construction and sales.

(They blocked me from the President of Lennar)I got lip service from everyone, but they couldn't tell me why the delay in building my home. I checked the community being built and found more than 20 homes that were started after mine now had people living in them. I checked another community that was not even started when they laid the foundation on my home, and at least 15 or more homes have been completed, and mine is still not done.

The Mortgage company kept changing interest rates on me (they work for Lennar)and I raised so much *** they went form 4.99 to 4.75 to 4.5 (although it cost me 1.26% in points). I am now due to close 9/30 but the home is not finished (9/28) and they are scrambling.

I'm also apalled at the quality of materials used; carpet is flimsy and real cheap; appliances are the lowerest end (not the ones they show in the model)and the landscaping is pathethic.....but the house looks good.

Were they just lazy; didn't care about the time line; or just prejudiced (I believe I am the only Black Man buying from Lennar in that community)and buying a waterfront home.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar House Construction.

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Wow, your rate dropped by half a point, they must really hate black people. Did you know that new construction delays happen to white, Hispanic and Asian people also?

In the future, when you are building a new home, make it an issue to not annoy the foreman. or waste his time checking up on his wok twice a week.


I get your frustration, but we're white and had many issues with our house too. They are just a terrible company.

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