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I am amazed with how poorly this company treats people, from their sales reps, to their top Management. I had an issue with a sales rep and was going to still purchase the unit (which I'm glad I didn't). I went 3 levels high to try and speak to Senior Mgt. and no one responded. Below you will see my final email to the CEO, which to date has still been ignored. Stay Away, complete bunch unprofessional hacks.

Mr. Beckwitt,

My wife and I had a deal to purchase a condominium at Legacy National in Lakewood Ranch, FL. Our sales representatives name was Joey DeStefano. On Friday, April 5th, I was on the phone with Joey and getting ready to wire the money to secure the property. Concurrently, I had a relative with me, who had just purchased a Lennar home in Champions Gate this past November, who wanted to voice his concern to Joey about his property and was frustrated. My uncle was very calm, there was no profanity or yelling, and Joey, was combative and argumentative. There was nothing in Joey’s tone or demeanor that indicated he cared about a customer or the reputation of your company, as he wasn’t trying to help find answers to get ir issue resolved. As a person who owns a business and has been in sales for 20 years, the answer should've been, "I'm sorry, would you like me to try and find someone to help you". This is Sales 101.

I got back on the phone and said, "Hi, I'm not sure what happened with his purchase", to which Joey replied, "You don't need to buy this property, I have a ton of people who will". I replied, "I never said that, I'd still like to move forward and send you a wire today", to which Joey reiterated, "like I said, I don't need you to buy this, I have a long line of people who will". I didn’t understand why someone in sales would refuse a purchase by someone that wanted to put down a deposit.

At that point, I wasn't going to deal with someone who was trying to bully me and was completely arrogant. Again, there was not a combative, profane-laced conversation. Having a background in sales, I chalked this behavior up to being young and inexperienced. Instead of reacting, I had made the decision that I would give him until close of business Friday to see if he would come to his senses and apologize. We were still prepared at this point to put the deposit down to secure the property if this dialogue would've occurred.

To my disappointment, the phone call never came. I called the corporate office in Ft. Myers and was told to speak with David Myers, Sales Manager. So, on Monday and Tuesday, April 8th and 9th, I left David a simple voicemail asking him to please call me because I had an unfortunate situation happen with one of his sales reps and I felt very disrespected. The return phone call never came.

At this point, I started to take this personal and was glad my uncle warned me about buying a Lennar property. I then was told that David's boss is Darin McMurray, Regional VP, and he would surely care. I left him a voicemail, just as I did for Dave Myers, on April 12 at 3:15 pm. At the time of this email, I still have not received a response, nearly 2 weeks later.

I can't imagine that as CEO of this organization that you would condone this behavior. I've read the numerous reviews of the poor customer service, but rather than going that route, I wanted to give you an opportunity to address this. If there is no answer from you then I'll understand why these individuals treat people the way they do and feel that this is acceptable. I wanted to make sure someone is aware that your employees don’t seem to care about providing good customer service, and also that there are a lot of negative reviews about Lennar online. Based on my experience, the negative reviews make sense.


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: a simple phone call.

Lennar Cons: Customer service.

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