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Update by user Jan 17, 2018

Attaching a picture of mold that is starting to form on the furniture in the Lennar home.

Update by user Jan 04, 2018

In the review, I indicated I last heard from them in June 2016. It should be corrected to June 2017. My apologies.

Original review posted by user Jan 04, 2018

I would never recommend Lennar to anyone. It's the one thing in my life I wish I could have changed.

It's been a nightmare that has been going on for 4.5 years, but will try and summarize some of it below. In January 2012, I contracted with WCI Communities (now Lennar) to build a dream home in the Westshore Yacht Club neighborhood located in Tampa, FL. At the time, I could have absolutely no idea of the nightmare I was about to walk into and one that continues with no end in sight. * 25 A/C Malfunctions * 16 Rounds of Antibiotics * 80+ Outstanding Construction Issues * $24,360 Unreimbursed Repairs During Warranty * $82,360 in Legal Fees * $568,750 in Lost Work Time * $211,650 in Unrecoverable Investments * $917,180 Total Expenses Related to Lennar Construction Issues I still have more than 80+ ongoing construction defects.

Lennar has inspected them all, agreed to make the repairs and then just became silent. I have all the communications organized, including call logs and emails. If you look on social media posts, I am far from the only one that Lennar just suddenly goes silent on when so many serious issues are presented. After several inspections and meetings (including the District President at my home), they have just stopped communicating, even after admitting that the construction was not done correctly and agreeing to many of the disputed repairs.

My belief – just as with the old builder – is the home is not only beyond repair, but the issues go well outside of just my home. I’ve had dozens of inspections since the first month I moved in. All anyone wants to do is keep inspecting and then they become silent. After the last meeting, they were supposed to send an updated issues sheet (I have a detailed spreadsheet dating back to 2014 that lists all the construction issues along with each response as it went from builder, builder's inside legal, builder's outside legal and now Lennar), but have not received that or a response.

The last time I heard from the three executives was in June 2016. I had since heard from another Lennar executive about replacing two improperly installed and defective A/C units, but again just stopped hearing from them. That seems to be what they do. Again, I have all the communications and call logs to show this.

Mold and Environmental Issues – Lennar Simply Doesn’t Care They witnessed mold in many places and continue to do nothing and let me live here. My plumbing and metals in confined spaces (even the oven) are corroding. The initial suspicion was Chinese drywall, but since it is suspected that something subterraneous is coming into the homes. There was a factory here and land remediation was not completed (that was confirmed by the DEP and EPC).

For example, none of my ceiling fans work in either the main house or guest retreat. Upon one of their inspections, they found that the insides of the fans were rusted and corroded with no signs of water damage around. There are no signs of rusting or corroding outside of the fans or appliances. Water intrusion has happened and they determined it was improperly installed roof flashing as well as A/C units that have flooded and caused mold because they weren’t installed correctly.

Yet they continue to let it happen. I’ve had over two dozen air conditioner malfunctions in just over four years. My health continues to decline. More importantly, my quality of life and work have greatly diminished as I work out of my home.

My Lennar Home Impacts My Health and Well Being I can barely put my regular shoes on because of swelling. People who have spent more than a few days here have experienced similar symptoms and as far back as 2013. I have frequent rashes, bloody noses, sinus infections, hair that falls out and is bloody at the root, etc. None of this was happening before I lived here.

I rarely took antibiotics before I moved here and now it’s at a point where I shouldn’t take anymore. Mosquitos have infested the place. This has happened since early 2014 and has only gotten worse over time. Nobody will come here anymore for that reason.

My Life is Nothing Like it Was Before I Moved into My Lennar Home My life has completely changed since I moved here and nothing is changing. Every aspect of my life – health, emotional, financial, career, relationships – has been greatly impacted in the last four years. The stress alone – taking the potential environmental factors out of it – as you can imagine has been great and taken its toll in so many ways. I’ve wanted to sell my Lennar home and get the equity out, but again – I can’t even list it.

That’s not my fault. I have continued to be cooperative for more than four years but nothing is getting done.

Buyers beware and do your homework. Lennar is not a good company to do business with at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar House Construction.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $917180.

Preferred solution: I want my money and life back. They know this. I want the repairs made and to stop wasting my time when they just go silent after they agree to do it. .

Lennar Cons: Customer service, Refusal to accept responsibility, Warranty, Quality, Leadership.

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