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As of today there has been no movement with Lennar fixing my floor. I have reached out many times and finally on 7 Jan 2019 Bryan Taylor (Lennar Homes) reached out to me.

He said he would send someone out to measure the dip in the floor. It is the 14th of Jan 2019 and I am still waiting. 31 Dec 2018 the ceiling in my daughter's room was leaking pretty bad. A couple of days later (when it stopped raining) the roofer came out to repair the leak.

He informed me that the roof was never fully completed. He text me the pictures as proof. I moved in to this brand new home on 26 Feb 2018. This was Maryland's rainiest season on record.

That means water has been leaking into my roof/attic every time it rained. I was concerned about mold so Lennar sent a company to perform a mold and moisture inspection. (9 Jan 2019). The technician said there was no moisture or mold in the ceiling.

Also since my last post I had tiny insects in the bedroom where the ceiling leaked and also the bedroom next to it. Pest control came out and confirmed the insects to be Asian beetles. The technician said the beetles are there because of moisture. 15 Jan 2019 Lennar is coming out to repair for the 3rd time the ceiling they opened up from the first leak.

It was never repaired properly. They will also do/repair the 1 year drywall inspection. I forgot to mention I will miss my deployment to Afghanistan (21 Jan 2019) because of the back in forth with my flooring. Two of my neighbors who also has the same model home as I do (Cambridge) has/had the same kitchen floor issues.

One neighbor had his floor fixed right away. The other neighbor had to continuously stay on Lennar then his floor was "fixed". Lennar sent someone out to fix their floor twice and it still isn't fixed properly. Both neighbors are male so maybe that is why they fixed it.

Maybe because I am a woman they don't want to fix my floor?

I don't know. I do know that my kitchen floor has a big dip in it and Lennar won't fix it.

Original review posted by user Dec 14, 2018

My first month in the house I had water leaking from my ceiling. Of course Lennar rushed over to investigate.

They cut *** in my ceiling to see find the source of the leak. They found it, left the ceiling open to dry out for a week, then sent someone over to repair the ceiling. The ceiling repair was horrible so Lennar sent the same guy out to redo the ceiling. It was worse the second time.

Someone is supposed to fix the ceiling again. In the meantime, I had a leak underneath the sink (they repaired), the kitchen floor has a dip in it. A flooring company along with a Lennar Homecare rep came out to inspect and determined the floor needed to be fixed and that it would cost a lot to repair. After inspecting the floor the Lennar rep and I did a walkthrough to look at the drywall (year inspection).

Nearly every wall / ceiling in the house requires repairs. Before the Lennar rep left he said someone from their office would get back with me to set up an appointment to fix the kitchen floor and repair the drywall. After two weeks of no response from Lennar I sent and email to inquire about my repairs. No response after a week so I sent another email.

Another week went by and still no response. I finally sent an email to the Lennar rep who sold me the house and I finally heard from Lennar. Well the Lennar rep told me that according to the flooring company, who never inspected my floor, the floor was in tolerance according to their handbook. I told her that a different flooring company inspected the floor.

She said that Lennar Home rep inspected it. I told her he did not. I told her I was done talking to her because I didn't want to say something crazy. Less than an hour later I received a text from the Lennar stating they were going to send me a formal email about their findings.

I recommend anyone who is thinking about buying a Lennar home to do their own investigating prior to purchasing.

I am a single mom - veteran who just got scammed out of $340k! p.s. the appliances are low end.

I have attached a few pics of the drywall and one of the floor where the flooring company marked for repair. I know houses settle but not like this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar House Construction.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $34900.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lennar Pros: Layout, Ammenaties.

Lennar Cons: Customer care, Appliances.

  • Poor Warranty
  • Lennar Construction Defect
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I know about the appliances - ours are all low end. The A/C units barely meet the economical standard that Lennar boasts.

The over was missing pieces, GE came out and had to order the right pieces and replace a broken light. Many homes in our neighborhood have flooring issues because NO ONE inspects them. We've had our floors done multiple times and no one ever inspects them until weeks later, if you're lucky. Contractors have told me they get in trouble if they identify a problem I didn't already know about - they do only what homeowners tell them must be done, and nothing more.

Multiple homes in our neighborhood also have roof issues and leaks as well. (We're in CopperLeaf, Bradenton, FL)


I live in the Tanyard Springs subdivision in Glen Burnie, MD. Only lived in the home 10 months.