Williamsburg, Virginia
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Lennar has no customer service. They say they will fix things, installed incorrectly, and then the contractor(s) don't show up because Lennar doesn't pay their bills.

Lennar, in Williamsburg, Va., fires people and them hires them back.

Construction supervisor like Mr. Sober is unqualified. Customer rep, like Kathleen McKone, is unqualified.

No supervision is given during construction.

Lennar sales people are liars. People have lived here a year and a half and their house isn't finished.

They build houses where houses shouldn't be built with no regard for rain/snow runoff.

Shoddy, shoddy construction.

James City County doesn't care as long as Lwnnar creates more tax lots. County official said Joseph Rogue, of Lennar, is liar and slowest moving person in world.

Appointments made are never kept.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The Lennar sales staff are bad people, one of the woman changed a buyers contract after execution, was caught and yet she still works here.