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I have been dealing with Lennar Homes for nearly a year. Their customer-no-service department has yet to correctly address any of the issues that have been reported. Many were issues that were supposedly corrected prior to closing, but weren't.

Here are some of the issues:Outside:1. The ground was not adequately sloped away from the home, so when we get a heavy rain, the water floods the back enclosed patio, and the water stands next to the foundation/slab rather than being drained away.2. The east side of the house has not drainage. Water just stands and rots the fence posts as it slowly evaporates.3. The west side has a drain line that was added after the curbs were put in. Lennar just ended the drain line next to the curb with an elbow directing the water to ground level. The clowns apparently never learned that water cannot flow uphill.4. The HOA requires three front yard trees. Lennar planted two live trees and one dead one, which was pointed out during the initial and final walk-throughs. I had to pay my yard guy to remove the dead one. Lennar refused to replace the tree despite an email trail showing they knew about it and promised to replace it before closing. Also, Lennar failed to put in any water lines for watering the trees. All my neighbors have lines for their trees. I get to water mine by hand.5. The brick facade above the garage has a long crack in it indicative of the inadequate beam support spanning the garage door.6. The back door does not lock properly.7. A section of the roof noticeably sags.8. The gutter drain is way to small near the front entryway, where three large sloped sections of roof are directed to a single drain.9. Lennar used the wrong type of flashing between the siding & the sloped roof, J-flashing instead of step-flashing.10. Some of the windows were not sealed properly on the exterior, and have gaps that will let in moisture or pests.

Interior:1. The majority of the interior doors are hung incorrectly. Some completely miss the door stop when closed. Others are so warped that the do not close correctly. Others are out of balance so they swing open or closed on their own. The weather seals for two of the outside doors were not installed correctly so they are useless. Their is no seal in the gaps around the attic door in the media room upstairs.2. There was supposed to be 12 inches of insulation blown into the attic. Most places only have 10 inches.3. The floor in the upstairs game room squeaks when walked on. Been that way since before the initial walk-thru.4. Some kitchen cabinet door are so warped that they don't close properly.5. The entire concrete slab has a 3/4 slope in it back to front.6. Some interior walls are as much as 1 inch mis-aligned or out of vertical.7. The low-voltage wiring box doesn't even have a latch on it to permit the door to be closed.8. The duct work in the attic has many areas where the duct air flow is severely restricted by binding caused by too sharp of turns, or incorrect strapping.9. Exhaust flues for the water heaters were not strapped.10. The crown molding has cracks as a large number of the joints.11. Some nails are popping out of the drywall through the house.12. A couple of window sills are damaged due to the usage of cheap piece-board for the sills, which dries unevenly.13. The stone above the fireplace is cracked.14. Door hinges and hardware colors don't match on some doors.

Many of the issues listed above are code violations in Texas, but Lennar just pretends that there is nothing wrong.

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