Gilbert, Arizona
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We have lived in our home almost a year now and no success on the cooling issues we have been complaining about on our so called "Everything Included " Lennar home @ Layton Lakes in Gilbert AZ. The front bedroom and bath extends out further then the rest of the home so it is much more difficult to keep the temperature as consistant as the rest of the home.

Our home is a little over 2100 sq ft and has only 1 ac unit. Othe homes in the area have 2 units.

With a den. bath and bedroom extending out further then the rest of the home, Lennar should have added another ac unit to help with a more consistant climate control.

They have been looking into correcting this issue for almost a year now with other options, but is is not working. Lennar is a bit stubborn to just come out and say it needs another cooling unit installed. This mess could have been resolved months ago, before it got hot again.

Just wish they would get this issue resolved fast !! My daugher hardly goes in her room because of the temp difference in there.

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I live in Layton lakes and i'm having similar problem. 1 AC unit for 2865 Sqft house. Not sure what to do.


I also live in Florida ,we are trying to sell our Lennar home but because of their reputation we are having trouble .


I would never buy another Lennar home ...... EVER !!!


Good luck. I've been fighting this for 4.5 years in Florida.

I've had 25 A/C malfunctions during that time. The units are installed incorrectly and it's filling the attic and closet with mold.

A neighbor recently had a $30K+ flood caused by an improperly installed A/C unit. The insurance company is now going after the builder.

Here's just some of it. Lennar is not good at building or honoring anything related to warranty.

They do everything to avoid it.

I still have 80+ construction defects in my home. These are related to the A/C malfunctions:


Hello there I also bought a Lenard home This is my third summer and since my first summer my ac unit can not cool the house. The air conditioning company been in my house about 10 times. Their conclusion is that lennar is installing very small AC units my house is 1800 sq feet and my ac unit is a 2.5 ton.


My Lennar home is just under 2200sqft. It has one unit on a two story house in Texas.

The house will not cool past 77 degrees.

I have had several different A/C companies look at the unit and the duct work. They all agree the unit is running at top capacity and the duct work is good but it is just too much house for this size unit.


Update: Nothing got corrected after a year now. Everything they tried failed.

Our home is just needing a second AC unit and it should be fine. Lennar wasted so much time and money on cheaper alternatives... of which it all failed. Our ranch home has a very poor floor plan design.

Guess that is why they stopped building it. Boy did we get screwed by Lennar.

Happy home was short a depressed home. :(



I have created a website to help spread the word regarding Lennar Homeowners experiences.

Please send me your story:


We are having the same problem. My unit has gone out 3 times in four years.

The last time I got it checked they said that the builder, Lennar, installed the wrong size unit for the size of the house. They also inspected the duct system and verified that they are installed completely wrong.

My house is experiencing other issue like drywall coming off thus causing screws to be exposed. I HATE LENNAR AND I WOULD NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN!!!!!!!!


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